Cheap Places to travel in the USA

Where a budget tourist should go

It is not necessary to keep a suitcase with money at home or to own millions of bank accounts in order to have a good rest. On any trip, you can save money, even if it’s a trip to the USA. Do you think that this is impossible? Here are a few variants for the budget traveler.

Cheap places in the United States

Ohio. Throughout the state there are about 300 museums, 70 state parks. This region is suitable for nature lovers, connoisseurs of quiet, cultural life. Ohio, despite the fact that he enters the cheapest US states, has a fairly good standard of living. This place is great for nature lovers, connoisseurs of quiet, cultural life, and of course, for those who want to see all of this and don’t spend much for a trip.

the State of Ohio

Pennsylvania. One of the most modern states of America and thus not expensive. There are no taxes on clothes and some products. Here are excellent conditions for picnics, sports, fishing and swimming. Suitable for rhythmic personalities, who love activity. One of the cheapest states, this doesn’t mean that it’s boring here!

the state of Pennsylvania

Mississippi. Want to live in the native state of Elvis Presley? Then you here! The climate here is hot and humid; the winter is warm. More than half of the staff is covered with coniferous forests, and in the north — with deciduous forests. However, as in Oklahoma, hurricanes here are frequent guests. On weekends, you can go fishing for shrimp or oysters, or just lie on the beach on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. In the state there are two famous national parks: the military-historical Vicksburg and the Mississippian Petrified Forest.

Mississippi Travel

Michigan. This region has an underestimated natural beauty — the state is washed by 4 of the 5 largest lakes in the country. There are 94 state parks for recreation; outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, diving, skiing, etc. are very developed. In general, it will not be boring! Cheap cities: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo. An important moment for a budget tourist: transport is not developed enough, so renting a car here is must-have.

the state of Michigan

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