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British passport: how much does it cost and what opportunities does it provide?

The most ‘powerful’ passports

Great Britain took the first place in the ranking of countries that provide their citizens with wide opportunities for traveling around the world. According to the research, owners of a British passport can visit 173 countries without obtaining a visa or with the possibility of issuing it upon arrival at the destination. The same opportunity is given to holders of the passports of Finland and Sweden.

Great Britain

The second line of the rating is shared by Germany, Denmark, Luxemburg and the USA. Passport holders of these countries can freely move around 172 countries. In general, citizens of the countries of North America, Australia and Western Europe have also favorable conditions for traveling: from 168 to 173 states are without visa fees.


Price issues

If you think that the British passport will cost you a fortune, you are mistaken. To get a British passport for an adult, you should pay £85 or £177 for those who need a passport urgently. This postal sum is considered affordable in comparison with others. For instance, let’s keep an eye on other countries.

Passport Woman

The most expensive document proving the identity of a citizen is the passport of the Syrian Arab Republic. The procedure of issuing a national passport in Syria will cost £287 or £573.90, when urgently required. However, in the rating of reliability and attractiveness of national passports, such an expensive Syrian document occupies only 110th place.

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Australians have to pay about £128 to get an identity document. The main document of a citizen of Turkey will cost you £143.

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