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Cheap places for students to travel: top 5 destinations on the globe

If your friends and relatives start to scare you that to travel to your dream country you will have to spend 1.500 USD on your air tickets and 300 USD on your visa, just do not believe. You do not even imagine how much extra money travel agents take from you!
This review contains some essential tips on how to travel rough and cheap, plus some interesting and money saving traveling destinations.

Our experts have counted the cost of one day rest in different cities on the globe. These expenses cover hostel, three times per day meals, two public transport trips, one attraction and three cheap cans of beer.
#1 The most money-saving destination for tourists, who travel alone is Pokhara Lekhnath, Nepal. One day in Pokhara will cost you 17.7 USD.

#2 Second best and cheap destination is the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi; a visitor will need 18.3 USD per day here.

#3 Ho Chi Minh is one more Vietnamese city that is in the top 5 of the budget saving cities, where one can spend a weekend. Here a tourist will spend about 18.4 USD.

#4 Then goes Cairo in Egypt with 18.7 USD per day.

#5 Chiang Mai in Thailand rounds out the top five. A visitor’s expenses will be only 18.8 USD here.

5 evident things that newbie travelers are not aware of

If you have been planning a trip for the last two or three or even five years, just buy a ticket for yourself three months beforehand. Even if you do not have a single penny to spend it on vacation, you have three months to earn the money, and 90% probability that you will do it because it would be frustrating to lose the ticket.

If you plan a long journey across Europe and your goal is to see 7 cities in 14 days, it is better start from Hungary. Usually the flight to Budapest is the cheapest. When you are there, you can travel either by bus or by train.
If you are travelling with your beloved one, tell everyone that you have a honeymoon. Most likely, the service at your hotel will become higher or you will be just offered some bonuses.
Never ask travel agents to assist you in getting your visa. Apply directly to the consular agency.
Never book hotels or hostels beforehand!
Even if you are a student, you work part-time or you have earned a grant, the world is open for you. Expand your opportunities.
To start your journeys around the world choose cheap places for students to travel to.

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