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7 accessories that will make your flight more comfortable

Nowadays more and more people prefer airplanes, rather than other modes of transport. And, specially for those, who fly a lot, we have chosen accessories that will help you feel yourself at home and experience a long flight with minimal discomfort.

Travel accessories for flying

Re-Timer glasses. Re-Timer glasses are a device designed to adapt a person to a new time zone. This device rearranges the human’s biological clock with the help of green LEDs. According to the research of Flinders University, where the glasses has been developed, the green light has the optimal wavelength for accelerating or slowing down biological rhythms. It is necessary to wear such glasses for 50 minutes for three days.


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Digital scales. This gadget will come in handy before the flight, because with its help you can find out the exact weight of your luggage. However, it is not recommended to weigh bags over 50 kg.

picture Digital scales


Organizer. Passengers usually prefer to keep with themselves all expensive devices and chargers. In the organizer you can place any gadgets – from camera to mobile phone and tablet. All the necessary devices will be at hand of a passenger. There will be no need to search all these things throughout the bag.


Holder Airhook. This device can hold both a glass with a drink and a tablet or mobile phone up to 19 cm high. It is the most convenient thing on the plane. Airhook should be attached to a closed folding table on the back of the chair, which is in front. Thus, the passenger can save space, drink at any convenient time and organize his own mini-cinema.

 picture Holder Airhook

Portable baggage tracker. This gadget tracks and reports the location of your baggage. It is enough to put a small electronic beacon inside your suitcase, and it will determine the coordinates of a bag and transfer them to the owner’s cell phone.


picture Holder Airhook

Multimedia glasses. A cabin of a plane can be turned into a cinema with the help of video glasses. Connect your iPod or iPhone to these glasses and enjoy watching your favorite movies during the flight. A tiny battery provides up to five hours of continuous operation, and convenient built-in headphones perfectly suppress the ambient noise.


picture Multimedia glasses

Air humidifier. It is known that there is rather dry air in aircrafts. As a result, it leads to dehydration of a body. That is why it is recommended to use more liquid during the flight. Unfortunately, copious drinking and moisturizing of a face will not help protect the respiratory system from the adverse effects of dry air. The former stewardess has solved this problem by developing a special mask humidifier mask.

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