Holiday gadgets

Holiday gadgets

There are a lot of interesting gadgets besides smartphones and tablets that can make your rest more convenient. See our selection of gadgets for holidays and outdoor activities.

Popular must-have travel gadgets

Action camera. Action cameras have become very popular. It is very small compact video camera, which can be attached to clothes or special fastenings. It is rather convenient, if you are keen on active sports or extreme entertainment. What is more, there are different accessories for such cameras: helmet mounts, selfie stick, underwater and protective cases, etc.

Popular must-have travel gadgets

Portable speaker. These gadgets are gaining popularity. A portable speaker and a playlist of a favorite music on a smartphone or tablet will provide you and your friends with music far from computers and music centers.

Portable speaker.

Mobile router. It is a compact device that uses a SIM card and distributes Wi-Fi traffic. You have an opportunity to connect several devices through a single SIM-card simultaneously.

Mobile router

Portable Charger. Just imagine that you use navigation on your smartphone or tablet, but suddenly you stay in the middle of an unknown area with a “dead” device. In such situation a portable battery of large capacity will come in handy. With its help you can charge your gadgets. The main thing is not to forget to charge a portable battery before the trip.

Portable Charger

Quadcopter. Perhaps, someone will consider it not a gadget, but a toy. But if you install an action camera on a quadrocopter and take pictures from the height of the flight, then this is quite a real gadget.


Smartphone camera lenses. We should remember that the photos are our memories. Thanks to smartphone camera lenses you can significantly improve the quality of photos.

Smartphone camera lenses

Noise-canceling headphones. It is a great gadget not only for holidays, but also for everyday use in public transport. When you turn on the system of external noise reduction, you practically don’t hear the sounds of the surrounding world. It does not mean that you find yourself in complete silence, but it becomes much more comfortable to listen to the music.

Noise-canceling headphones

Portable coffee machine. This gadget is for gourmets, who cannot live a day without a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Portable coffee machine

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