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Fun travel accessories to make your trip comfortable and cheerful

Every traveler has his own habits, special preferences and secrets. In this article we will tell you about fun travel accessories that can facilitate your trip and allow you to get new impressions. Perhaps, some readers do not see the point in such a baggage, but we are sure that these tips will be useful for many of us. Sometimes such trivial details can radically change everything, especially when it comes to travelling.

8 Useful travel accessories

  1. Suitcase Scooter. Those who travel a lot know that a suitcase can turn into a real burden. However, this inconvenience can become an entertainment, by transforming your luggage bag into a scooter. It gives you a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Suitcase Scooter Travel

  1. Flexible tripod for cameras. These amazing tripods will help you get beautiful shots in any conditions. Thanks to three flexible legs, the tripod allows to mount a camera practically anywhere: on tree trunks, cliffs, fences, park benches, etc.

Flexible tripod for cameras

  1. Phone camera lenses. Everyone, who shoots with a smartphone or tablet, dreams of a special lens that would allow making the photo brighter and better. Especially for this purpose, a number of lenses for mobile devices have been developed.

Phone camera lenses

  1. Portable ultraviolet monitor. This device is useful for all lovers of sunbathing on the beach. Of course, lying in the sun is a great pleasure, but overabundance of UV radiation can cause serious damage to the skin.

Portable ultraviolet monitor

  1. Metal detecting sandals. This is a great device for treasure hunters. Finding a metal object under a layer of sand, sandals send a sound signal.

Metal detecting sandals.

  1. Portable waterproof MP3 Player. A given accessory is developed for those who like to listen to music in the pool or during a swim in the sea.

MP3 Player

  1. Action camera. Action cameras are not afraid of even the most aggressive external influences. With its help you can shoot everywhere you want. It is an ideal companion for mountain trekking, snorkeling, rafting, surfing, biking, snowboarding and other activities.

Action camera

  1. Sound device with therapeutic effect for quiet sleep. Travel sleep sound machine is an unusual clock with 17 therapeutic sound effects, which will help you sleep perfectly.

Sound device



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