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Female travel accessories: choose the best for you!

For people who spend their lives on the road the difference between male and female travel accessories has always been a pressing question.

In this review, we will talk about the main female travel accessories, backpack and trekking boots, also paying some attention to sundries.

Trekking boots: male and female

Some experienced tourists think that there are only two conceptual characteristics that distinguish female trekking boots from male ones. These characteristics are size chart and color gamut.

There is one more parameter, about which many people forget, girth.

There are more nuances here but the majority of trekkers and shoe manufacturers just ignore them.

Choosing a backpack: girl’s choice

So what makes a female backpack so special?

#1 The backing of a female backpack is smaller and narrower than a male one.

#2 The hip belt is of conical shape. If we compare men with women, women have a wider pelvis and a narrower waist than men do. Hip belts shift part of the load from the back to hips.

# 3 Shoulder straps of a lady’s backpack must be curvier.

When choosing a backpack, always note that your personal convenience is more important than what is written on the label. Before buying a backpack, try it on! Fill it with dead load, take it on your back and walk with a loaded backpack for 5-10 minutes.

Beauty products: to take or not to take

When a woman plans her trip, she wants to be a woman no matter where and for how long she leaves her home. But when you are on the road it is high time to stop worrying much about your hairdo or about the fact that your clothes might be not ironed. Natural beauty and feeling comfortable is more important for travelers.

There is no need to take a hair dryer with you.

If you are staying at small hotels, they offer it. If you are staying in a tent   overnight, mind that in a forest there is no electricity to plug it in.

If you do not imagine a single day of your life without your favorite hair styling products, creams or shampoo, just take them in small portions or testers.

No matter if you are a man, who plans to take his girlfriend hiking or a lady, who likes trekking, we hope that our tips will be very helpful for you.

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