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Travelling and Gadgets.

Travelling is always an adventure, no matter whether you start a journey across your own region or explore another country. Your companions in this adventure may be gadgets, which are a useful supplement to a journey. What is more, their functionality will provide you with a good mood.

Top 7 gadgets to take travelling

Chin supporting travel pillow. If you have made long flights, then there is no need to explain how it is uncomfortable to sleep in a chair. A special device has been invented to prevent neck numbness. It does not allow a passenger to take the wrong position. After using such travel pillow, you will not suffer from back pain.Chin supporting travel pillow


Solar e Charger. Solar e Charger is the ideal solution for powering electronic gadgets when travelling in any place where there is no electricity. Use the power of the Sun to charge your iPhone, iPod, iPad, digital camera and other necessary electrical appliances while being in a forest, in the mountains and even on a desert island.Solar e Charger

Safety button. The Revolar company has created a gadget, which ensures safety during travelling and walks. This is a miniature button, by clicking which you can send a text message or an email with GPS coordinates.Safety button.


Portable tracker for your luggage. All you need to do is to put an electric beacon in your bag, and this gadget will define a location of your suitcase and transfer its coordinates to your cell phone.

 tracker for your luggage

Personal disinfection scanner. Disinfection scanner has been created for the most hypochondriac travelers. A pocket device with UV lamps kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in a matter of seconds.disinfection scanner

Water purifier. It is one more gadget for disinfection. Traveling to exotic countries is often fraught with infection of unpleasant diseases through drinking water. To prevent viruses and bacteria from interfering with your plans, you should have a portable UV water purifier with you during a trip.Water purifier

Emergency wristband Kingii. This device suits everyone, who is able to pull a lever. Kingii is a portable inflatable device that fits comfortably on your wrist. If you get into trouble while surfing, swimming, sailing and any other activities in water, just pull a lever.Emergency wristband Kingii.


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