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There are some American cities where single men feel more comfortable than others. So, we may say that it is a great time to be unmarried. But not all cities have the same conditions for those who want to meet a soul mate. For this reason, we have found the best cities for singles.

The best cities for single men‎

1. New York. New York is recognized as the best city for unmarried men. Here you can have a wonderful time alone. Many people go for shopping, walk in the parks, attend concerts or just sit in a cafe on their own.

NY for a single man

New York is attractive because of the fact that singles make up here 28% of the total population of the city. What is more, here are a huge number of places for entertainment – for example, 35 thousand restaurants and 734 museums. Social networks are extremely popular here, which means that there are good chances to get acquainted via the Internet.

2. Washington. If you are ambitious, the US capital is the way to go. The city has a number of historical and cultural attractions. This is the place where single women are more than single men. What is more, there are many options for unforgettable dating. You can go boating, visit the National Zoo, or spend a cozy evening in the historic jazz club and much more.

Washington city

3. San Marcos, Texas. San Marcos can become a place of your next romantic story. All singles here like to go to dance, play billiards and hang out at nightclubs more often than most Americans. Although, there are plenty of discos, bars and restaurants in San Marcos, many residents of the city travel to nearby Austin (30 minutes to the north) in search of places for entertainment.

4. Carrboro, North Carolina. The city of Carrboro is considered one of the most progressive settlements in the southwest of the United States, and it hosts a large number of single people who lead more active lifestyle than the average American. University atmosphere and entertainment facilities make this city a great place for meeting new people.

5. Miami, Florida. A vibrant nightlife of the city provides many opportunities for single men. Here are a lot of interesting activities, where you can find your own special person. You can be engaged in bike driving (Miami Critical Mass) or author’s readings and discussions of novels. There are great places for meeting like-minded people.

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