In everyday life, you mostly see the same people; you work with the same people, dine in with same people mostly and travel with almost the same people. But, if you are traveling to Thailand, and you are alone, then this trip is going to be more exciting for you. There are 100% chances of meeting new people in your life, having new experiences. If you don’t want anyone to talk to you and interrupt your trip, then enjoy, no one will irritate you, just enjoy nature and yourself in Thailand. Here we are giving you some best tips if you are planning to solo travel in Thailand.

Tips for Solo Travelers Going to Thailand for the First Time

1. Keep yourself calm

First, you should keep yourself calm if you are traveling alone. Be confident and don’t show any hesitation from your face. Keep your aims high and put yourself in a relaxed position because you are going to enjoy beautiful islands, natural landscapes, and historical forts. If you are not relaxing, you are hesitant, then you cannot enjoy your journey, and you shouldn’t travel alone. But I suggest you travel solo; you will enjoy the trip. Just keep these few tips in mind. And the first one is, “just keep yourself calm.”

2. Keep cash

If you are traveling alone to Thailand, don’t forget to keep enough cash with you. Credit cards and debit cards are good, but cash is a must. Carrying cash with you will be helpful because there are many shops and restaurants where you cannot pay with your credit or debit card. So, keep your cash and keep it in your front pocket or somewhere else, where stealers can’t reach. ATMs are available everywhere but not in mostly remote areas and Islands. So, you will need cash in such places. Keep small notes and coins so you wouldn’t face any trouble while paying to taxi drivers and owners of small shops.

3. Be attentive

Keep yourself attentive, keep an eye on everything, and every person around you. It doesn’t mean that you stare everyone, oh just joking, I mean you just have to be aware of pickpockets and stealers. Yes, they are everywhere, even in places like Thailand. Don’t look so good and fool that people think you can be a good target for them. Look like a smart, confident person.

4. Avoid Scammers

Scammers are everywhere. Like, some woman comes to you and asks you to help her because she is lost, she is searching for her family, and she has no money, she has to find her family, and she needs money to eat and travel, don’t trust her, she is lying. Just think, if she is a tourist, then why she is traveling without money, and if she is telling the truth then why she asked you to help? Could she even ask some local shopkeeper? But, no, she is a scammer. Don’t bother her and just continue your travel. If you are soft-hearted and don’t let go of anyone without helping, then just help smartly, and within your affordable range.

5. Keep yourself healthy

First, you must pass through necessary immunization before starting your trip. It will prevent you from viral and infectious disease. Just consult some good advisor plus doctor. Keep a good sunscreen with you because sunscreens will prevent skin burning. The atmosphere in islands and coastal areas is not friendly for skin. So, keep your skin safe by using good sunscreens. Secondly, use insect repellents. Thailand is a country which is also famous for rainforests. Insect repellents will keep different insects away from you while traveling through rainforests or islands.

6. Get some knowledge of the language

Before starting your trip to Thailand gets some knowledge of Thai language. I am not saying to get proficiency in Thai, just learn a few words of daily use so you will have no problem in buying anything or getting any taxi. Although English is a universal language and you can talk with locals in English but, some people don’t understand English, so if you have little knowledge of Thai, you will have no problem while traveling and wandering in the country.

7. Learn to negotiate

If you are traveling to Thailand alone, surely you will buy gifts and many things for yourself. You must learn to negotiate. Local shopkeepers try to sell everything at a high price to tourists. Don’t let them do this. Try to negotiate and try to convince them to sell something at a reasonable price.

8. Keep the necessary things with you

Prepare a travel bag for you (not so heavy) and put some necessary things in it. You must keep the following things with you:
1.Comfortable shoes (prefer to wear joggers)
2.Sweater or jacket (weather is uncertain)
3.Tissue box
4.Pen and notebook
5.Pain killer tablets and other necessary medicines
6.Water bottle
7.Some Snacks
8.Extra dress
9.Phone charger (Of course)
10.Wet Tissues
11.Liquid soap
12.Sun Screen
13.Insect repellent
14.Some good moisturizer
Make sure these things are low weight. Don’t carry a heavy bag because it will cause trouble while walking.

9. Don’t miss any sight

Don’t move so fast that you miss any sight. There are many things, many sceneries to enjoy in Thailand. So move slowly so you can enjoy every moment of your solo trip to Thailand.

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