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Solo Travel to China. 10 tips you need to know

All of us need to be alone sometimes. We think that this is not a reason for sadness, it is a nice opportunity to travel to beautiful places. What about China weekends? However, be careful; before going, you need to learn some tricks for a good solo trip. Therefore, we prepare 10 main tips for travelers in China.

Things you should know for safe and enjoyable China solo travel

#1 Use local sites to book room. Local Chinese sites always offer cheaper rates. Use eLong or C-Trip to find the best room for you. Maybe there you will meet cheerful fellow travelers.

hong kong Use local sites to book room

#2 Internet connection. Many hotels and hostels do not have free Wi-Fi for guests. In China, for the most part, they prefer wire communication. Each room has a RJ45 socket for connecting with a cable. The connection may be paid. Because of it, ask about the internet when booking a room to be in touch with family and friends all the time.               

#3 Pure water.  Never drink tap water in China — it is one of the most important rules. Drink only bottled water that you can buy in stores or restaurants. It is very cheap.               

#4 Walk in safe places. It is not safe to walk alone in some areas, in particular at the border with Laos and Myanmar, as well as the Tibet region. Also, on Beijing’s street markets, you should be more careful — some sellers cheat foreigners out of money; and in a crowd of narrow shopping ranks, thieves can steal something. So walk on the central big streets.

Tibet region

#5 Photo and video. We all love to make selfies or stories on Instagram, do not we? There are many places in China where photo shooting is banned: in museums, public institutions and strategic objects. In some places, shooting is allowed only at an additional cost. Do not worry, there are permit signs in allowed places.               

#6 Chinese street food. On the streets you will find many small restaurants with traditional Chinese food. Wait! Do not go to the first one you see. Pay attention to those restaurants where locals eat. Often there are safer, tastier and much cheaper.

Chinese street

#7 City taxis. Taxi there is not expensive. If you want to catch a taxi in China, better ask the hotel administrator to do it, or to write right address. Most of the locals do not speak English.              

#8 Public transport. Trains and buses in China are comfortable and super fast. There are trains that can take you across the country in a few hours. Use it to get to the nearest cities.

china street city photo

#9 Take personal hygiene products with you. It is unusual, but there is no toilet paper or soap in WC. We offer to take hygiene products with you everywhere. Do not forget about sanitizer.               

#10 Come to the airport 3 hours before the flight. There always some changes in flights happen, so extra time will not be excess.

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