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Best places for women to travel

The boyfriend is working, and your friend returned from the resort week ago. Don’t know what to do? Postpone the trip to the sea or go alone? We know where to go to rest without companions and feel safe and free. Solo travel can be exciting and unforgettable.

Where to go alone and get a great vacation

Barcelona. Is the boyfriend able to withstand a long walk along the street Passeig de Gracia, which are boutiques Armani, D&G, Luis Vuitton and others? Or sit out at the Barcelona Fashion Week? It is better to relax in Barcelona alone.

Don’t forget to go at the legendary food market of Boqueria, where the freshest fruits, meat delicacies and sweets are sold. Spanish cuisine will appeal to girls who aren’t indifferent to their figure. The basis of all dishes — fresh ingredients, olive oil and fragrant spices.

Barcelona for solo travel

Lake Garda. Alps, medieval castles and the cleanest lake in Italy. Once upon a time, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Mann and Friedrich Nietzsche walked slowly to these places. Lake Garda is not as romantic as Venice, but your journey will not be without happy dating. On the shores of the lake are small cozy towns. Sirmione will enjoy the lovers of thermal springs and spa treatments. And since July, travelers have to go shopping.

Lake Garda for solo travel

Cancun. It is one of the ten best resorts in the world and represents a land strip between Laguna Nichupte and the Caribbean Sea. It is 25 kilometers of beaches with the purest water, high-class hotels and disco bars. But most importantly, two hundred kilometers from the resort are the Mayan architecture monuments. In the ancient city of Chechen Itza, built in 1400 BC, a lonely tourist won’t have to be bored: pyramids, temples, observatories, altars — and that’s not all. From Cancun, you can sail to the Island of Women to look at coral reefs and dance to a local version of reggae with cute Mexicans.

Cancun for solo travel

Israel. Best place for women traveling alone. No matter how good are the beaches of Netanya or sunny modern Tel Aviv, it is worth to go to Jerusalem. Visit the holy city is best alone, because only so thoughts and feelings will be put in order.

Israel for solo travel

If you want, you can go in Nazareth. And certainly you can’t leave the country without swim in the Dead Sea. This is a unique salt sea, because it is not easy to drown in it, but you can even lie on the surface.

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