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How to Travel Solo and Stay Safe

If you do not have a company for your trip, do not worry. Solo traveling can be no less exciting and interesting. There are many fears and stereotypes connected with such trips, but instead of being afraid and staying at home, it is better to prepare thoroughly for the trip and head towards adventures.

Travel Solo and Stay Safe

Take care of your safety

The main issue that worries all solo travelers is security. Such a trip should not be associated with great risks; just follow a few simple tips. Before leaving, tell your friends or relatives what you are going to do and where you want to go, and make a detailed plan for your trip. And even if you want to have a rest from all, once a day find time to call or write a message to friends and relatives and let them know that you are all right.

When choosing a place to stay, you should read reviews and find out more about the area, where the chosen hotel or hostel is located. It is also necessary to know, which districts of the city are safe for solo travelers and where you can walk without misgivings; what taxi services should be used, etc. If you use CouchSurfing, study the feedback about the host you want to stay with.

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You should not save on renting a safe box in hostels and hotels: to store money in it is safer than hiding them in secluded places. If you are worried that someone enters your room, you can take special gadgets, such as a doorstop or a hanging alarm, that emit a loud sound when someone tries to open the door of your room from the outside.

When you leave the hotel or hostel, tell the staff where you are going – they will surely be friendly and will see if you have returned.  If you need to look at the map during your walk, it is better not to stop in the middle of the street, but to go to the nearest store or shop: pickpockets consider distracted tourists an easy target.

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What is more, while walking it is better to take a bag over your shoulder and do not store money and valuables in the back pockets of jeans or trousers.

Make copies of documents. This advice is useful not only for solo travelers. There is nothing worse than being alone in a foreign country without documents. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is worth making copies of all important documents.

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