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Travelling Europe alone

There are a number of travelers who affirm that the greatest way to learn the world is to travel alone. Many people travel alone, because they want to learn the world without influence of their friends or partners. When you are accompanied with a friend, you easily concentrate on this person and forget to get acquainted with other tourists or locals. Visiting other countries alone, give a chance to develop your self-knowledge.

Solo tourism also means that a person is free to indulge his appetites. This is your challenge. Traveling alone is a perfect chance to try something new. Despite the high cost of single accommodation, in most countries of Europe you can find affordable lodging for a solo traveler, for example, a hostel.

Europe is considered one of the best places for single trips: there is a large tourist infrastructure and local people are so friendly. However, some European cities are suitable for solo travel more than others. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the best places in Europe to travel alone.

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Common Tips for Traveling Alone:

– Plan everything in advance. You should exactly know where you will stay on the first night. If you do not want to stay alone, choose popular hotels or hostels.
– Learn to travel light.
– Add to your phonebook all necessary emergency numbers;
– Inform your friends about where you are going;
– Trust your instincts.

The best places to travel alone in Europe

Paris, France. To visit Paris means to fall in love with it, and you must be alone to do this. It is an ideal place to learn how to enjoy flowers, fruits, food, sun, shade, walks in parks, fresh pastries, and even smoking old people playing petanque. It is the best to walk around Paris on foot. When you want to rest, just sit in any of the tiny street cafes, drink coffee, read a book or just enjoy a minute of precious idleness. Here you can fully experience the taste of life.

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Berlin, Germany. It is an ideal place for hot parties. It is said that it is easier to enter Berghain (the most famous club in Berlin), if you are alone. We don’t know exactly whether it is true, but there’s no smoke without fire: the capital of Germany favors independent travelers.

Berlin is the place of the brightest parties with a great collection of clubs and bars, where graffiti is everywhere. But endless entertainment is not the only thing that the capital is remarkable for. You can meet historical monuments everywhere. Exquisite cafes and fashionable boutiques are suitable for a relaxing rest during walks.

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Rome, Italy. It is an ideal place for cultural recreation. Rome provides you with an opportunity to enjoy masterpieces of Renaissance architecture. It does not matter if you travel here for two days or two weeks, you need to see so much here that you will not get bored. Do not be meticulous while making the route, leave time for a glass of wine among strangers. The Eternal City rewards those who know how to relax. A visit to St. Peter’s Basilica and a 7 km walk through the Vatican Museums will make the trip really unforgettable.

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Norway. The best way to get acquainted with this vast country (one thousand miles long) for people traveling alone is to board the coastal liner “Hurtigruten”, which sails from the Norwegian coast to the city of Bergen, passing through amazing fjords and making a stop at various ports. You can also take local equipment to go on a multi-day trip through the fjords. A tourist resting place can be both a comfortable hotel and a mountain hut. Northern Lights are a free gift here.

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Zurich, Switzerland. This country is often chosen for traveling alone. For a good holiday, it is enough to get good walking boots and Swiss railway tickets, which can be used in any train, tram and lake boat. After exploring Zurich, you can go to Geneva Lake and find enjoyment in nice views.

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Austria. Cultural Vienna is the most suitable city in Europe, in which a single traveler can easily navigate. You can start your travel by visiting famous concert halls, museums and cafes. Small Salzburg is also hospitable for single travelers. Excellent railway network allows you to reach any place in the country easily. For example, you can easily travel from Innsbruck to Kitzbühel, and then to Graz.

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Stockholm, Sweden. It’s not difficult to be single traveler in Stockholm. This cute city welcomes single travelers. You can be engaged in sea kayaking, explore city parks by a bicycle. Stockholm offers rest in outdoor cafes, acquaintance with the treasures of the Museum of Modern Art and the possibility of making an amazing shopping. Recreation in the nature is another popular activity in Sweden. The shore of a lake or a trip far to the north is very suitable for this.

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Prague, Czech Republic. The main sights of Prague are concentrated within walking distance of each other. Don’t forget about the Old Town and Prague Castle, where you can always find what to see. There is a funicular to Petřín, which offers views of the peaks of the hills, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque churches and Renaissance palaces.

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