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First solo trip: 5 tips to make it unforgettable

Solo trip is a great way to test yourself for strength, explore cities and countries, get acquainted with local people, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Of course, not everyone is capable of such a step; for some people, it is much easier to contact a travel agency, which for an additional fee arranges the entire package of documents and picks up a tour for you. However, if you want to spend less and see more, it is worth buying tickets at promotional prices and planning an exciting budget trip. Sure, you will like it and want to do it again!

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Tip 1: Organization of a trip

When planning self travels, you can calculate the entire route from start to finish, taking into account your personal interests: which transport to use where you will arrange a transfer, and how much time to leave on visiting each city. You have a free schedule! Book your tickets yourself – it is cheaper. Use the internet to find an appropriate hotel and book a room; or if you are not afraid and want to try something challenging, choose homestay or room rent from local people.

Tip 2: Do not take much stuff with you

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Keep calm and take only most necessary stuff, which will help you to be fully involved in the life of place where you plan to travel. All you need is to learn a few words and phrases in local language and, I ensure, people will perceive you in another way.

Tip 3: Time management (yes, you need it even when traveling)


Of course, you cannot visit all amazing places, but you should plan your time in the way, which gives you an opportunity to visit as many of them as possible. Take the map and mark all places where you want to go and after that create the most appropriate route by using these points. In addition, do not forget that as early you get up as much you get from your trip.

Tip 4: Collect impressions

If you want to remember your trip, try to take as many pictures as you can, even if it is a snapshot from the window of your car. Repetition is the best way to find out all the faces of the place you liked. Find few minutes to come to the same place some time later and you will see how this place has changed.

Collect impressions

Tip 5: Eat what locals eat

Do not waste a chance to taste traditional cuisine of this region with all its hues. Do not be afraid to ask to help cook some delicious dishes.

Eat what locals eat

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