West coast road trip

West coast road trip: the greatest experience in your life

Any journey begins with the first step; yours will start upon arrival at the airport of Los Angeles.

Further proceeding West coast road trip, you will reach the famous beaches of Malibu and the small town of Santa Barbara. Drive along the enchanted California State Route 1, which runs along the Pacific Ocean to the north of Los Angeles. Visit the beautiful town of California winemakers Los Alamos and finish the journey in the small coastal city of Monterey.

San Francisco

The next day of your West coast road trip, visit San Francisco. San Francisco has a high rank among the other American cities thanks to its unique architecture but is also famous for its completely unpredictable weather.

After visiting San Francisco, drive deep into the American continent and visit the Yosemite National Park. Yosemite National Park is a natural masterpiece of such beauty and variety that causes the desire to keep this unique place untouched, whatever it will cost you. Probably, one should not even try to describe it in words.

national park is Sequoia

The next national park is Sequoia. The giant sequoias are entirely capturing attention in this place. Giant is not because these are big trees. Giant – this means enormous sizes! The “General Sherman” tree is one of the largest and heaviest living organisms on our planet, only the giant mushroom from Oregon managed to surpass it.

Next, you are going to visit a national park that has several records (in fact, anti-records) on its account. Death Valley, 86 meters below sea level, is the lowest point in North America and 2nd the hottest location on the planet with an officially recorded temperature of +57 ° C. This park is not accidentally called the Death Valley; it is quite challenging to survive in this place.


Stunning West coast road trip views

Having passed the magnificent and diverse national parks, go to the heart of entertainment and gambling, and not just of the west coast, but of the whole USA – to Las Vegas. Someone calls it a city of sins, and someone says that it is an oasis in the desert. You have to decide for yourself what Las Vegas will become for you, but one thing we can guarantee for sure, is that you will never forget Las Vegas. There are endless halls with slot machines, huge casinos, daily jackpots and complete freedom of action, relative to the rest of America.

Las Vegas

After a short stop in Las Vegas, drive to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. The next day, travel to the Grand Canyon. It has a length of more than 440 kilometers, opening for 29 kilometers at the widest point and more than 1800 meters in the deepest place.

 Grand Canyon

After natural attractions, the Route 66 is waiting for you. Highway 66 (Route 66) is the most famous road in the United States. Initially, it was a road connecting the developing east coast and the wild west. In colloquial speech, it is often called “America’s Main Street” or “Mother of the Roads”.

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