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What to take with you on a trip

A lot of car travelers go to new places for themselves, because it’s so cool just to go somewhere, change the situation, thus receiving a lot of positive emotions. Someone goes to relatives to visit, someone on the shore of the nearest sea, and someone gets to other countries.

But what to take with you on a journey by car? Not everyone knows what will be required for this type of rest, but in fact only one thing, forgotten at home, can significantly spoil the comfort on the way. But, thanks to this road trip checklist, you will find out what you need to take with you, and what better to leave.

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What you need for a car trip

1. Maps. The map is just necessary for traveling by car. Modern navigators with GPS will show detailed routes, it is enough to specify the starting and ending points of the trip. Many modern cars already have built-in navigators by default, but if you have another car, it is desirable to purchase it additionally.

We also recommend taking a paper version of the map with you, just in case. After all, gadgets have the ability to discharge.

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2. Applications for travel. If you go where there is Internet access, then downloaded applications for smartphones will greatly facilitate the journey. Find for your phone model an application about the weather, traffic jams, restaurants, hotels, sights. In conjunction with GPS, finding any interesting place will be a matter of a few seconds. If you belong to the category of passengers, it is not superfluous to download a few games to pass the time on the road.

3. Best songs. Download to your smartphone, write to disk or throw off on the USB flash drive your favorite songs, which will further raise the mood along the way. Radio does not work in all places (especially if you go to the mountains or pass through the pass). So you need to stock up on offline sources.

4. Food. Of course, the amount of provisions strongly depends on the length of the route, so I will give an example of what is often taken to eat on the trip: sandwiches, crackers, bread, boiled potatoes, sausages, cutlets, lean meat, vegetables and fruits.

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Stock up with water, both for drinking and for washing your hands. You can bring a thermos with tea. Well, a portable refrigerator greatly increases the choice of products.

5. Hygiene items. Take with you wet wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, roll of toilet paper.

6. Aid Kit. The car should have a first aid kit. But it should be supplemented with the following: a cream from insects and from sunburn, bandages, a shepherd, an antiseptic, a means of motion sickness, an analgesic.

7. Flashlight. This is a very necessary thing for a long journey by car. It can be used in a variety of cases: from reading a book in a tent to repairing a car. Also do not forget to take the battery pack.

a man with a flashlight

8. Pillows, blankets, comfortable clothes. The most important thing for a road trip checklist for family. For traveling by car it is better to bring comfortable clothes and shoes. At the time of departure, you can change into comfortable clothes, and when you arrive at the right place, nobody forbids to take a fashion look again.
Blankets and pillows will be useful in almost any journey, especially if it is designed for several days.

9. Camera. Should be in any car journey. It will save a lot of interesting moments, which you will remember many years after the end of the trip.

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10. Charging device. Be sure to put in your bag chargers and an extra battery for your devices.

11. Car inverter. It is necessary for road trip checklist for car. Using the DC-AC car power converter, you can non-stop using the laptop, recharge the batteries of photo and video cameras, phones, in general, the energy for your electronic devices will be provided. The inverter converts the car DC to AC, it is enough to connect the device to the cigarette lighter. On a long trip, this must be taken necessarily.

12. Documents. All necessary documents: passports, visas, driver’s licenses, etc.

13. Dishes. It is very convenient to have a backpack with utensils and a compartment under the thermos and under the food. You can just limit the set of plastic (metal) dishes: mug, bowl, spoon, fork — for each member of the trip, plus a knife and cutting board.

14. Tools for repair. On a long trip by car, do not forget about the minimum set of tools. Unfortunately, problems on the road happen even with new cars, and car-care centers nearby may not be there. So every car owner should be ready to eliminate a minor malfunction on his own. And for this, the trunk of the machine should be laid: pump, jack, a set of wrenches and pliers, a balloon wrench, a cable for towing.

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15. Fire extinguisher. The best fire extinguisher is powder. It is best to fix it in the car. You can and in the trunk, but with the expectation that the fire extinguisher could be quickly reached if necessary.

16. Spare wheel. Anything can happen on the road. On an unfamiliar road there is a great chance to catch a nail or pit at a speed. So, that at least one spare wheel should be, and preferably two. To be reinsured will not be superfluous.

a man with spare wheel

17. Camping. If you are going to spend the night as close to nature as possible, then take a tent and an air mattress, a tripod and a bowler, a sleeping bag and blankets, a kettle and dishes for the trek. In nature from the inventory you will need a knife, an ax, a rope, pieces of tarpaulins or polyethylene, matches.

18. Keys. Spare car keys that should always be worn with you – in case the main set is lost, or if it once mistakenly ends up inside a locked car. So you easily return to the trip.

19. Cash. Cards will also be needed, however, not all shops and refuellings located far from major cities are equipped with terminals for payment by bank card. In addition, you can face a temporary malfunction in the system of non-cash settlement.

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It is very convenient to put things in the trunk by the list, then you will know for sure that everything is stacked and nothing is forgotten. These are the basic things that you will need for several days of travel. Now it remains only to pack everything in the trunk, refuel with gasoline fuel tank and sit behind the wheel. Road journey begins!

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