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What you should know before you rent a car

One of the most convenient ways of traveling is to fly on the plane to the destination, rent a car and go where you want. At first glance, it may seem that it is quite difficult to rent a car. But we have prepared for you information that is useful for every traveler.
Today, car rental companies have offices in every European airport and practically in any resort city. You can rent a car only for 15 euros per day in such large car rental companies as Hertz or Europcar. But it is better to book your car in advance. You can do it directly on the official websites of Hertz, Avis or Europcar or with the help of services that allow you to compare prices. For example, it is convenient and easy to find a suitable offer with the help of Rentalcars.

Car rental services for trip
It is very important to think about the route of travel. It can be done with the help of google-maps or special sites, where there are mileage meters and route planning tools. Check the condition of the roads through which the route runs (this is especially actual for the mountainous regions of some countries). Do not forget to load fresh maps into the navigator, as well as to take a map of attractions of the area to go. Sometimes the most interesting places are outside the main tourist routes.
Book hotels in advance along the entire route. Of course, if you are traveling across Europe, you will surely find an overnight stay, but you will overpay greatly by booking a room on the day of arrival.
Study the peculiarities of parking and road marking in the countries where your route runs. They can differ in details from the rules you are familiar with, and it is sometimes difficult to find your bearings on the spot. By the way, make sure that you have enough money on your credit card, because you cannot pay cash on some European gas stations.
Capture the GPS navigator from home, preloading maps of the country’s roads. The rent of a navigator costs about 8-12 euros per day. If you plan to travel across only one country, it is beneficial to use the services of a local small company. If you are planning to rent a car in one country and return it in another country, be prepared for an increased fare. Such services are provided only by large international companies.

Map of the country roads
Price. When calculating the rental price of a car it is considered that one day of rent is equal to 24 hours. Therefore, renting a car is always booked from and to a certain hour, and if your travel schedule involves a lease for 3 days and 2 hours (that is 74 hours), then the price is calculated for 4 days.
It is very important to know that if the car is returned by you more than 29 minutes later than the agreed time, applies an additional day fare. The rent of a car for three days or more usually guarantees a more favorable price than when renting for a shorter period.
Fuel. The car is usually provided with a full fuel tank. If you return a car with an incomplete tank, you will be charged for the missing liters, which can be higher than the normal price of fuel. When returning a car with a full tank, no surcharges are charged.
Remember that most car rental companies provide you with an opportunity to take a car in one office, and return in another, in any city where their offices are located. So you can plan the route as flexibly as possible.

Rent a car to see more

What to consider when choosing a rental car?

– office hours of the car rental company, including weekends and holidays (the wider range is better);
– presence of an extensive network (it is important if you are going to return a car elsewhere in another country);
– the amount of the deposit to be pledged;
– cost and insurance conditions;
– possibility to rent additional equipment (baby seat, navigator, ski-mounts);
– no restrictions on the average daily mileage.

Rent a car for a family trip

What do you need to rent a car?

1. Driving license of international standard.
2. Driving experience from one year. Sometimes the requirements may be lower, for example, from 6 months, but the cost of compulsory insurance can increase.
3. The driver’s age is from 21 years. Depending on the country and class of the car there are restrictions from 18 or from 25 years. Sometimes at the age of 24-25 years, an additional charge is required.
4. Visa / MasterCard bank card with the balance required for the deposit. You can pay for the rent either by card or by cash at the time you receive the car.

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