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Traveling by car: Top 3 popular car rental services in Europe

Europcar (www.europcar.com)

Europcar is a company that started its car rental business more than sixty years ago. Having founded its headquarters in Paris, Europcar immediately began to expand its business in other countries. The largest European car distributor is presented in 230 airports in Europe and in 10,000 points of rental in 150 countries thanks to partnership with Enterprise. It is the first European car rental company that corresponds to the Green Charter. Europcar was also awarded as “The World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company”.

There are more than 220 thousand cars from modest to executive class. The goal of the company is maximum satisfaction of the needs of all segments of the population. What is more, the client is given a number of advantages.

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Price. You should note that the terms and conditions of Europcar may vary depending on a country. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the terms of service before you rent a car.

Europcar pays much attention to prices for car rental. The cost depends primarily on the class of cars. Here customers are given the opportunity to save money and rent the most modest car. The average age of cars is only 6 months. The company also provides technical assistance services on the road round the clock.

Ordering. The process of ordering is rather simple. You can make an order by phone, online or at the office. To get a car, you just need to show your driver’s license, passport and pay for the service by bank transfer or credit card. Cashless settlement greatly simplifies the entire process for the customer. Europcar offers two types of contracts – with unlimited mileage and with a mileage restriction, the excess of which is paid when the car is returned. Although some fares require immediate prepayment at the time of booking, most cars are offered with payment upon receipt of the car. If you cancel the order less than 2 hours before the start of the rental, you will be charged a fine of 30 euros.


Advantages for clients. Europcar offices are located right at the airport in most cities. The great convenience for tourists is also the fact that the car is provided with a full tank, and you do not need to look for refueling. In addition, when concluding a lease agreement, the company takes care of insurance. Under the laws of most countries, the driver must have an insurance policy for motor third party liability. This policy is given to the client of the Europcar along with the keys of the rented car, although its value is included in the contract price.

The loyalty program. Register now and get one free weekend after the third rent within a year. You can use it at any Europcar station around the world! You have also a chance to get a €10 discount coupon! After the second rent, the company will send you a discount coupon, which you can use the next time!

When you reach the level of 10 rents or 40 days of rents, you will receive an additional free weekend as a reward and go to the next level of the program – Privilege Executive!

Hertz (www.hertz.com)

The American company Hertz has been and remains the largest car rental company in the world since its founding in 1918. Today, Hertz Corporation is a global company, which has offices in 142 countries and includes several subsidiaries.


Special offer for Europe. Hertz offers a special program ‘Europe on Wheels’ with fares without prepayment. It will be most convenient for you when you are planning your trip to one of the European countries. A given fare is very simple for booking. It includes unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver, theft protection and local taxes. The order can be made 24 hours before the rental, but we advise you to book a little earlier to be in full confidence that the car will be available.

The ‘Europe on Wheels’ does not require prepayment, which means that you will have to pay the full rental price only after the car is returned. Hertz provides its clients with a wide selection of car classes, so you will be able to choose the most optimal variant of the car for hire to your taste, price and comfort. Do you need a small sedan or a sports convertible? Be sure, Hertz has such a car for you!

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Holiday Autos (www.holidayautos.com)

With the help of Holiday Autos it is very easy and convenient to arrange a car rental. Holiday Autos provides you with the best price for renting a car in all corners of the world. The network covers 30,000 points where you can get a car. They are located directly in the largest airports, as well as in the city center. The customer support service is open 7 days a week, so if your plans suddenly change, support service can always help. Holiday Autos provides the possibility of a free cancellation of the reservation no later than 24 hours before the receipt of the car.

Holiday Autos

Unlimited mileage, CDW insurance, third-party insurance, local taxes and airport taxes are included in the rental price.

Usually cars, intended for rent, are not used for more than 2 years. Suppliers often update cars in order to provide you with the best quality. Additional equipment such as GPS or child seats can be added only at the time of booking.

If you rent a car abroad, be careful on the roads, observe the rules and then your trip will be unforgettable.

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