Route 66 is a 2400 miles journey from Chicago Illinois to California. It is the biggest road journey or trip. Route 66 is the oldest route of U.S Highway. It was the very first work of them. The whole route is also known as Will Rogers Highway or Mother Road.

How to plan a Route 66 Road trip

Planning a trip is very tough. Planning a road trip is the toughest. Nobody usually loves to go on a long road trip. As it is tiring and you can’t get proper sleep in your journey. But yet, a lot of people plan a road trip and utilize it. They just need to manage a car and the map of route 66. Before going on a road trip, you must assure of one thing which is everyone knows driving. Driving is quite important for long road trips. If you can drive shift-wise then you can have proper sleep and you won’t get tired.

Route 66 Road Trip Attractions

Route 66 is the longest road trip on earth. There are a lot of places available on the way to route 66.

Grant Park, Chicago

After starting your journey from Illinois, Chicago you will find the historic Route 66 marker. You will also find this Grant Park at a little distance. This will be the first attraction of your road trip. You can visit the place and can make a fresh start of your journey. You can take photographs with the Route 66 marker.

Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis & 66 Drive-in Theater, Carthage

This is a historic place to visit on your route 66 way. After leaving Grant Park, you need to cover a lot of way to reach the second attraction. You will find a chain of rock bridge first. Though you can’t take your car up there. But you can take photographs there. You can also find 66 driver theater, a 40’s-built monument. It has great historic value. You also can take a photo here for your memory lane.

East Galena Route 66 Historic District

It is one of the oldest districts of the U.S. It is very famous and popular for the travelers who take a road trip on route 66. It is a great place of attraction for everyone. It also carries a historic value of the country.

Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park, Foyil

This park is another attraction on your way to California. After crossing a thousand-mile you can reach this attractive park. It is one of the finest places on route 66. You must have to visit this place. You will find many things and antiques of native Americans in the park. It is also a very nice place to visit.

Amarillo Sixth Street Historic District

After covering a lot of ways, you will be at your fifth attractions. This place is quite old. You will find thirteen blocks of vintage architecture here. You can learn about the vintage architecture of the U.S. This place a quite historic value. We still can find many native Americans and their families in that district. You will have a great time there. This place is a great attraction for travelers also. So, you can’t miss the chance to visit it while having a road trip on route 66.

Sites throughout Albuquerque

There are too many attractions on the Route 66 way. But this is one of the finest places to visit. The whole site is covering a beautiful area. You will find it more beautiful after a long road trip. It will be worthy of your journey. You will have so much fun here. You can find a lot of things on this site. You will surely have a great time here. This place is quite popular and famous for the people who take a road trip on Route 66.

Wigwam Village Motel #6, Holbrook

The entire village is very mesmerizing. You will have the best time of your journey here. You can also stay at this motel. It has a lot of things to offer you. You will surely have a great time in Wigwam Village Motel. The motels are concrete-built. There are 15 motels available there. You need to book a reservation early to stay here. It is covering a beautiful area. The views around the hotel will surely amaze you. You can rest here after all these tiring journeys as the next stop will be your last one to complete the road trip of route 66.

Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena

This is the last attractive place where you can visit before reaching California and completing your road trip. This bridge is quite famous and popular among travelers. You will also have a chance to visit the historic National Register Office here at Pasadena. California is not so far from this place. You can stay here if you want. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants available in this area. You can take photographs as a memory of your last visited place on Route 66.

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