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Family road trip. Traveling by car vs. traveling by plane

If you are planning a kids-oriented family road trip, do not forget about yourself! Only happy and rested parents can make their children happy.

Traveling by car: thumbs up!

road trip

  1. Saving money: if your kids are older than two years old, most likely you will have to pay 90 % of the adult air ticket price.
  2. Flexibility and freedom in planning your trip.
  3. Сlear conscience when kidscry and throw their toys about. On a plane, parents may feel uncomfortable that they cannot stop a plane and comfort their beloved child.
  4. Quantity of your luggage: you can put almost everything in your car, from a needle to a motorboat.

Traveling by car: thumbs down!

road trip family

  1. Children may get tired: they are bored when they just sit, children need some motion.
  2. Long wait at frontier posts: sometimes you have to wait for more than just a couple of hours and frontier posts do not have children’s playgrounds!
  3. Worse safety of travelers: the risk of a car accident is higher than the risk of a plane crash.
  4. Your car may need car service.

List of things to take with you

road trip family


  1. Car Power Inverter
  2. Window curtains, warm socks, your kid’s favourite toy and a lap blanket.
  3. RNSacigarettelighter into an ordinary electrical outlet.
  4. Electric kettle, better the oneoperatingfromcigarette lighter.
  5. A cooling box for food.
  6. Food for your kids in small packs.
  7. Wet and dry wipes, diapers if needed,antibacterial gel, traveling chamber utensil.
  8. 5-liter water tank.
  9. Your standard first aid kit, medicines for motion sickness, remedies for your kids if they take any.
  10. Garbage bags.
  11. It would be perfect if your car would be equipped with an air conditionerand a roofrack.
  12. Spare parts and a tool kit for your car.

Situations to get ready for


  1. To prevent physical fatigue one should stop more often and provide yourself with apillow and a lap blanket.
  2. Moral fatigue. A little child cannotconcentrate on one activity for more than 10-15 minutes. An adult should alter games with storytelling and snacks.
  3. If there is more than one kid in a car, quarrels are inevitable. If possible, do not place kids on the nearby seats.
  4. To prevent body dehydrationtry to offer water to your kids more often.
  5. Kids may have motion sickness.Be ready for that.

Just follow our simple tips and your family road trip will give you a bunch of positive emotions.

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