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Why so many interesting attractions and sightseeing places escape our attention? The point is that many people do not dare drive cross-country.  Those who stick to federal highways miss a chance to see and experience something new.

Cross country driving trip: things that you really need to do to get ready for a long cross country journey

#1 Take one more person with driving license with you. He will replace you when you get tired. Besides, you will have someone by your side to talk to. In addition, it will be much easier to repair your car in case of breakdown.

#2 Take important gadgets, for example a dashboard camera or a GoPro camera, with you.  You will definitely want to film your adventures and many interesting places that you will see on your way. A dashboard camera will be also helpful in case of road traffic accident. You will use a video recording as an evidence of your non-culpability.

Back to nature 

#3 Nowadays everyone travels with smartphones loaded with GPRS navigation and google maps. But we strongly advise you to take an old-fashioned paper map and a compass. Keep in mind that it is going to be a cross country driving trip.

Therefore, in some areas your cell phone might lose a signal.

Some maintenance checkup

#4 Before you start a trip make a complete vehicle health check of your car!

Otherwise, a sudden breakdown of your car can stress you out and ruin all the positive travelling impressions. When you are in a cross country driving trip the reliability of your car must be unequalled.

#5 Before you get behind wheel surf the internet to find the companies, which specialize in vehicle recovery. Of course, write out only those that are available where you will be travelling.

#6 It is absolutely necessary to have a tyre repair kit with you, because when you drive cross-country the chances to get a flat tyre go up.

#7 One more tip for you before you take the road, is to surf the internet to find the phone numbers of mobile tyre repair centers. These centers must be available right in the areas where you are going to travel.

#8 Every car has some specific spare parts that you will not find in stores. These spare parts as well as all the necessary tools should be placed into your trunk.

We wish you to take a cross country driving trip that will change your life for the better!

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