Most Prominent Road Trip Routes That You Can Consider

1. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway is known as one of the best road trips in the USA. Most of the people who look to get an unforgettable experience in the USA tend to proceed with this road trip. Pacific Coast Highway is well known as Highway 1. It is covering a massive portion of coast in California. When you are going on this road trip, you will be provided with the chance to explore outdoors like never before. Muir Woods is a place that you must stop during the journey. That’s where you can find lots of redwood trees, along with the chance to witness marine wildlife.

Road trippers who travel on Pacific Coast Highway can also stop at Santa Barbara. Or else, you can visit Venice Beach and have a great time surfing. By making a stop at Point Lama, you can enhance the knowledge you have about the history of California as well. This lighthouse is one of the most historic landmarks in the country as well. This is one of the best American road trips because it offers something for everyone.

2. Turquoise Trail

Turquoise Trail was previously called New Mexico State Road 14. If you are interested in getting a true Southwestern cultural experience, you are encouraged to proceed with Turquoise Trail. You can start your drive from Santa Fe and travel in the direction of Albuquerque. This road trip will help you to get a better experience of the location where turquoise was initially mined as well.

This can be considered as a scenic road trip available for you to consider. If you are interested in enjoying the beauty of New Mexico, you must go ahead with it. During the road trip, you will come across a large number of interesting art galleries and shops as well. They include shops that sell cowboy boots and western goods as well. Therefore, you can walk back home with some impressive souvenirs.

3. Great River Road

Great River Road should come to the list of best road trips in the USA. This road trip is located along with the famous Mississippi River. As you already know, Mississippi River is one of the largest rivers that you can find out there in the world. Therefore, this will be one of the biggest road trips that you can witness as well. If you go for the full road trip, you will be driving more than 3,000 miles. In other words, you will have to drive for more than 36 hours. However, it can provide you with a better picture of over 10 different states of the country. Hence, the road trip provides a lot of experiences for you to gather as well.

One of the most prominent natural wonders that you will come across when going on Great River Road is the Nelson Dewey State Park. It can offer historic treasures such as New Orleans Collection and Delta Blues Museum to you. You can get a better understanding of life along the Mississippi River when you go for it.

4. Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway

Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is not the lengthiest road trip, but you can still go ahead and add it into the list of best American road trips. This road trip is just 25 miles long. However, it is a stunning route, which provides you with plenty of things to do. In addition, you are also exposed to a variety of things that you can witness.

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway is that it provides outdoor recreation for the adventure lovers. Along with that, you are provided with the chance to explore San Juan National Forest as well. Or else, you can stop near Molas Lake.

Many people who go on Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway prefer to experience the gold mine tour. It is a great experience, which can provide you with a taste of gold rush. At the end of the road trip, you can get into one of the hot springs in Durango and relax. As you can see, this short stretch of road provides lots of amazing experiences.

5. Florida’s A1A

If you are searching for best American road trip routes along the Eastern Coast, you can take a look at Florida’s A1A. This runs along the eastern coast of the country. You can witness plenty of beach views when going forward with this road trip. You can start the road trip from Miami and head in the north direction. Plenty of things are there for you to see and experience when you are traveling to the Georgia State line. It is important to keep in mind that Florida’s A1A can provide the best experience for beach lovers.

For example, you can think about visiting Turtle Oversight Protection Headquarters located at Fort Lauderdale and experience sea turtles. Along with that, you are also encouraged to witness fine art at Vero Beach. It is worthy for beach lovers to think about going forward with this road trip in the USA.

These are 5 of the best road trips to consider in the USA. You can go through the experiences and pick the right experience out of them to proceed with your road trip. It can provide you with a fascinating time as well.

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