Atlantic Ocean Road is located in the Midwest part of the coastline of Norway. It is one of the most beautiful and exciting drives in the world. It seems that one is moving on the edge of the sea. The brutal and killing waves of Norwegian Sea adds to the beauty of the road. It is a unique highway of its kind in the world. It takes you to the place where the island ends and the ocean begins. It is a curvy road of 8.3 km long length.


Its construction started in 1983. It took more than 5 years to construct this phenomenal pathway along the ocean. It consists of eight highly terrifying bridges. It was opened for road lovers in 1989. It is a toll-free road. Atlantic Ocean Road Bridge is an attraction for the tourists worldwide. The constructors have put lots of effort to clear the vegetation to make it smooth for driving.

Weather conditions

One may experience unpredictable weather. Occasionally the visibility at the road disappears. It is the sight of fast blowing winds. The temperature in the zone suddenly falls. The icy gusts of the ocean make it more adventurous. Many road trippers claim that Atlantic Ocean road Norway worth it.


It connects the two important towns of Kristiansund and Molde. These two towns are highly populated regions of the country. The road starts thirty kilometers southwest of Kristiansund. It finishes at forty-seven kilometers north of Molde. It is a National Tourist Route. Driving on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway is a treat for daredevils. It is considered as the construction of the century for Norway.

Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway Worth it

This beautiful roadside moves you through rich culture heritage, beautiful landscape, deep bays and green islands. Ocean has great importance for a country. The Atlantic Ocean road aids transportation, industrial businesses, and recreational activities. It mainly supports the fishing industry of Norway. It has become a great tool for transporting goods. It provides a phenomenal journey with a unique combination of nature and technology. It provides services by car, on foot or a motorbike.

The area covered by the Atlantic Ocean route is rich in fishing. It broadcasts the sensational epic phenomena of the lady nature. The sun kissing the horizon, sea birds flapping their wings and wildlife in its full swing. These species exhibit and show what nature has bestowed upon them. You can see how a sea eagle catches a fish. Oceanic wave lovers cannot find a better place than this. If you are a diver, you can find plenty in the underwater of the Norwegian Sea. There are present many fishing spots. It is a site of alluring white marble pieces along the coastal region.

Interesting facts

  • In the early 20th century this plan was proposed for a railway line. But it faced rejection.
  • During the process of construction, the site was hit by 12 windstorms.
  • The cost on the road was 122 million Norwegian kroner. Out of which 25% was from toll collection.
  • The toll collection was granted for only 15 years. But in ten years the road paid of its expense and it was made toll free.
  • Being a tourist attraction and local visitors made the road to pay off soon.
  • It is a popular shooting site in films and commercials.
  • Driving on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway is regarded as the world’s best road trip.
  • In 2009 from May-August, 258654 visitors traveled through Atlantic Ocean Road Bridge. A viewpoint named Askevagen contains glass walls. These walls provide you protection against weather and ocean spray.

Atlantic Ocean Road Bridges

8 bridges cover the complete Atlantic Ocean Road. Three of the most famous bridges are given below:

  • Revenge Stream Bridge: 19 meters long and 10 meters high.
  • Hagen Bridges: these are 3 bridges. 294 m long and 4m high.
  • Storseisundet Bridge: it is the longest bridge. It is 260m in length and 23m in height.

Atlantic Ocean Road Trip

A technical driver can take you safely on this road. You can witness the beauty of nature while on a road trip. The captivating sunset and rainbow can be seen while driving on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway. There are 4 viewpoints where you can park your car to enjoy the sight. You can experience the unforgettable sight of birds flying overhead while whales and sea lions swimming under the road. You may encounter 4 resting points. They have established dining, fishing, and scuba diving for the visitors on the Island. Although it is a beautiful pathway yet the twist in the climate can turn into a treacherous road. There are sudden changes in temperature. It will not take long for a shining sun to hide behind the cloud and welcome the blizzard. It is also known as one of the dangerous paths. The winds can go above the speed of 30 miles/hr. it takes stamina and nerves to drive in such horrifying conditions.


It is once in a lifetime experience to go on a road trip over the Atlantic Ocean. It was just an imagination in the past. But now it has become a reality to walk over the water. You can feel the nature and wonder of architecture on the Atlantic Ocean Road. It passes by Hustadvika connecting the Island Avery with Romsdalshalvoya. It covers the villages of Karvag. Either the ocean is calm and sleeping quietly or it is in its full swing, you will make memories of life. You will have to say “Atlantic Ocean road Norway worth it!”.

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