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American road trip ideas. Planning your route.

Planning a road trip across the United States? Be sure this kind of trip will bring you tons of crazy drive and adventures.

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It does not matter whether you travel alone or with your like-minded fellows, the safety tips mentioned in this article will definitely help you not only make your trip unforgettable, but also evade possible problems.

Plan your route in details! You can go from breathtaking New York through unbelievable Chicago straight to sunny California. You can scorch down highways and the legendary Route 66, feel the greatness of The Grand Canyon.

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You can attend explosive parties and gamble away money at Las Vegas casinos…

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More road trip ideas are: to visit cowboy rodeo in Texas, try to survive in the Death Valley, to challenge your talent in Hollywood, to watch wild exotic animals in national parks, and to make this trip the best trip of your life.

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Some easy rules to follow for travelers


Do not forget your international driving license. Without it you will not be able even to rent a car. When you book a car for rent, be ready to provide your visa card details. Be sure that the card balance is enough to pay the rent.

Learn the emergency phone numbers beforehand. In case you forgot emergency numbers you can just dial 911. In case of an accident call the rent company IMMEDIATELY.


Though you travel with your visa card, do not forget to have small dollar bills with you. 25 cent coins will not hurt either.


Load enough bottles of drinking water into your luggage boot.


In some small states the distance between petrol stations can be considerable. So always fill your petrol tank to the brim and watch the fuel gauge.

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Be ready to traffic surprises on the road


Crossing some roads and bridges in the USA is not free. The fees can be paid with a transponder, cash or post factum in the internet.

# 7

Follow ALL the traffic rules. Never break speed limits. Never throw your garbage out of the windows of your car (fines can be up to 2000 USD).


If you feel that you are going to check in at your hotel later than have announced, call a hotel manager and warn him beforehand. Hotel receptions work 24/7 and it would be better to make assurance double sure.

We hope that a road trip across the United States will help you take a look at the world from a different angle!

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