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10 Handy Tips on How to Plan an American Road Trip.

So, it’s time to pack again and hit the open road! Amazing adventures and bright places are waiting for you! However, how to plan everything properly and avoid missing anything important? What are the key tips to make your traveling successful? Find out a list of tips on how to plan an American road trip easily and with minimum efforts.

  1. Plan your trip with your passengers. First of all, make sure you are going to make stops within regular intervals, suitable for all your friends or family members. There is nothing more disappointing than stuck in the car with disgruntled passengers for several hours.
  2. Download at least two different navigation tools to your smartphone. The matter is that GPS services can have different levels of accuracy and show different routes to the same point. Note that the weather can also influence on your trip’s duration: even short routes might appear long and dangerous.
  3. Make sure to have some extra time. Most of trips still have some unexpected moments: road construction and traffic jam might significantly slow things down. Moreover, you will definitely find something exceptionally cool along the way, so be prepared to spend more time in the places of interest.
  4. Plan your budget carefully. Make sure to have spare money for additional expanses. How to plan an American road trip more effectively? Just take more money for roadside attractions, small restaurants and lodging.
  5. Prepare your food beforehand and store it in the cooler. Food expanses are among the most valuable costs for the trip. Take pre-cooked meals or buy some food that doesn’t require cooking. Your family or friends will really appreciate this!
  6. Make sure your car is in the perfect condition. First of all, it’s extremely important for you and your passengers. Second, even in case your vehicle is absolutely healthy, take a spare tire and some tools for making minor repairs. Double check vital fluids of your car!
  7. Pack your vehicle like a professional. Create a list of essentials that should be put in your car first. Take only what you think you’ll need and pack your bags to maximum capacity.
  8. Plan your leisure time during long highway crossing. Don’t get bored: play classical car games, listen to the music or audio books.
  9. Make sure your kids will not disturb you during driving. It’s a good idea to prepare a special snack bag with different candies for your little ones. Furthermore, take extra gadgets with games, as well as classical paper and pencils for your kids.
  10. Prepare your trip back home. Double check your car, find the cheapest gas and buy extra food for your long way home.route 66

How to Save Money for Gas?

First of all, take minimum amount of cargo. The lighter your ride, the longer your car will glide. Second, drive the speed limit: it might help you to save from 5% to whopping 33% percent of gas. Third, use gas stations for buying fuel: it is usually much cheaper.

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