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How to plan your first backpacking trip: handy manual

Learning new locations

Tourism is a sincere passion of many people all over the world. It is so interesting to learn the world, feeding yourself with new impressions. In recent years, backpacking has become more and more popular. This kind of tourism implies maximum mobility.

Obscurity and a great percentage that anything can happen, including a not very pleasant situation, is frightening for most novice travelers. Today, in the age of the development of Internet technologies, everyone can fully prepare for a trip. There are specialized blogs, where tempered travelers talk about all the pitfalls and the most noteworthy moments of a particular journey.

Backpacking rules

There are a few simple rules to follow to make a trip successful.

Of course, you need to carefully plan the route and try to take into account all the details. Remember, you should not fall into despair and lose courage, if something suddenly goes wrong, not the way you have imagined.

Use specialized sites. There you will read a lot of good advice from experienced backpackers; you can learn the routes, read reviews, and maybe find an experienced companion, who will share with you the troubles and joys in a new trip. If your budget is limited, start your journey from Asia, travelling to which is much cheaper for backpackers than travelling to North America and Western Europe.

As a rule, the backpackers’ budget does not involve unnecessary expenses, so it is essential to find out in advance, which inexpensive hotels or hostels are available at your destination.

Another tip, which, unfortunately, is often neglected by inexperienced backpackers, is not to drink raw water. Even if it is crystal clear and you suffer from thirst, it will be safer to boil the water or to disinfect it with special pills. The most reliable way is to buy bottled water; however, it is not always available.



Backpacking tips for beginners 

– Try to take a minimum of necessary things, saving your back from an extra load.

– It is necessary to insure your life.

– It is necessary to copy all important documents.

– Do not keep all the money and documents in one place.

– Required accessories of a backpacker are a knife and a flashlight.

– You should collect a personal first aid kit with the necessary medicines.

– It is necessary to observe safety rules, as well as local customs and laws.

– You should always keep in touch with friends and acquaintances.

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