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Podcasts for travelers

Blogging is very popular now. And besides social networks and video blogging — it’s also podcasts. This is an audio recording, where the author personally tells you his story. Of course, such a current embraced the topic of travel, about which you can tell a lot of interesting information. By the way, podcasts will be an excellent entertainment on the road. So, we chose the best travel podcasts, which you definitely need to listen to.

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Inspiring travel podcasts

Surf Memphis. “The podcast is being led by two 20-year-old friends who invite strangers to sleep on their couch and show them home to Memphis,” says the description of Surf Memphis. Leading Christy and Carly are the hosts at Couchsurfing. Sometimes they share their experiences (for example, they tell how it was necessary to take a nautical couchsurfing), but more often than not, the girls prepare the releases together with their guests, who come to Memphis from all over the world. Listen to all these stories — and immediately want to try couchsurfing from two sides: both in the role of the host, and in the role of guest. Listen: Couchception, The Donald Duck Complex, Frenchin ‘in Memphis.

The Journey. Launched only two months ago the podcast is made by the Netherlands airline KLM, but the project does not at all look like a promotional campaign. In the description of The Journey it is said that the episodes are devoted to “trips that have changed lives” – and this is really so. For each story of the podcast, if desired, you could shoot a TV series or a spectacular film. Imagine a girl who survived the death of her mother and lost herself, who goes to Alaska, meets the man of her dreams and moves to the bears, completely changing her usual way of life. Or an employee of the White House, who gets rid of panic attacks, on vipassana in India. Or a young man who passed an internship in Kenya, who developed, sitting in a dirty hut, an ambitious plan to become a stand-up comic. These inspiring and sometimes dramatic stories will not leave anyone indifferent. Start with interesting issues: Living with Bears, The Outsider, The Total Collapse.

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Travelogue. The Condé Nast Traveler’s podcast comes out with an enviable regularity – once a week. In each of its issues, the editors of the magazine, and also the digital director Brad Rickman discuss pressing issues. These can be seasonal trends, trends in the travel industry and the problems associated with them. What if at 11 am in Italy you wanted a cappuccino, knowing about local etiquette? How to travel with parents and not go insane? Should I go to Venice if she is experiencing an overture? And why, according to psychologists, choosing a place for a vacation or a weekend, we reach for places with water – the ocean, a lake or a river? Despite such a scatter on the topics, the travel podcast never turns into a meaningless thrill: leading ones will bring statistics and expert opinions, then they will tell you about technological novelties and applications, then they will simply advise an excellent book or a documentary. Listen: Why we Travel to be Near Water, Things you Should Never, Ever Do on the Airplane, Why Etiquette is Crucial — wherever you Travel.

Travel with Rick Steves.
Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent a hundred days annually studying European countries. More than fifteen years, Steve led a program on American television on travel. The podcast started as Steve’s personal blog, but due to scrupulousness, a sense of humor and working capacity grew into a full-fledged media and even a travel company. The new episode Travel with Rick Steves comes out every week, and the range is so startling wide: from Scandinavian cuisine to beer tours, from pilot tips to traveling with pets. It is not necessary to subscribe to the podcast – it will be easier to go into a giant archive and choose a topic. Start with: Essential Sicily, If Venice Dies, Casanova; Megalopolis, Copenhagen’s Christiania, Teenagers in Europe.

Women Who Travel. Over the past five years, the number of tour operators that specialize in traveling for women has more than doubled. The same can be said about the number of girls who travel alone. The popularity of women’s travel could not be bypassed in the editorial office of Condé Nast Traveler: first they launched a theme group on Facebook, and in December last year also a podcast. Each episode leading and invited experts explore one topic: for example, how social networks have changed our travel format, what you need to know when planning a solo trip, and how to organize the first trip to a new role for mom. Women Who Travel — perhaps the best podcast about travel for girls. Start with: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Group Travel, How Social Media Has Changed the Way We Travel, Everything You’ve Wanted to Ask About Solo Travel.

Women Who Travel Podcast

Taste Trekkers. “For foodies who love travel and travelers who love food”, – ideologist of the podcast Seth Resler describes this audience. From the issues you can find out where are the best cheese shops and kebabs in Istanbul, what to order for breakfast in Jerusalem and why the festival of potatoes in the mountains of Crete deserves attention. The podcast has been conducted since 2012. For six years Taste Trekkers has collected an impressive food collection of more than a hundred issues. It is not necessary to listen to all the issues, but to download a series about the country you are going to visit, and to listen to it on the plane is what you need. Start with: Southern Italy, Istanbul, Greece, Israel or Brussels.

The Dirtbag Diaries. Before the launch of The Dirtbag Diaries, its author, writer Fitz Caholl, was engaged in special projects and advised the editorial staff of the National Geographic. Today Fitz together with the team makes the content and produces a podcast since 2007. Most often they consist of other people’s stories: a professional instructor who seemed to know about survival in nature until she was without food and water with a wet sleeping bag or a woman who decided to take her children to the Appalachian Trail. Where to start: Venture Out, The Fear is Real, coMOMdo.

The Dirtbag Diaries Podcast

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