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Top 21 useful tips for those who travel by plane: read them in order not to be robbed

1.Remember that airline employees can steal your bags, wallets or cash as well as fellow travelers.

2.If you usually hang your jacket in the closet, take your purse and all expensive things out of the pockets.

3.If you travel with valuables (for example golden rings or chains), wear them.

4.It is better to put your bag over the seat across from your one, so that you can watch it.passengers

5.Do not leave anything on your seat when you leave it.

6.Mark your luggage with some stickers to make it stand out from other suitcases and bags.other suitcases and bags

7.Always keep your carry-on bag nearby and keep your purse out of your back pocket.

8.Be ready before walking through the metal detector and releasing your wallet or other valuables to the conveyor belt of the X-ray scanner. If you have problems with the detector, you cannot watch your things for some time.

9.Do not put any expensive goods in the outermost compartments of your bags.airplane

Be careful with your luggage while travelling by airplane

10.Put your bags upside down in the overhead compartment. It will be difficult to un-zip the pockets.

11.Always lock your bags.

12.There are many tricks that thieves use. They may ask you to change seats on the plane. If you agree, do not forget to take your things from the shelf above the previous place and place them on the shelf over the new one.

13.Check bags and backpacks before leaving the plane. If you understand that something has been stolen, immediately notify the flight attendants. They can call the police directly on board.


14.Place your purse and cash deeply in your bag.

15.If you find that your luggage is absent after leaving the plane, and you are still in the customs area of the airport, immediately write a claim.

16.If you understand that you were robbed outside the customs area of the airport, the only way is to write an application to the police at the place of residence.

17.At the airport there are security cameras everywhere, which can help you find a person, who stole your things.

18.Pay attention that expensive branded suitcases often attract thieves.


19.If you are travelling abroad, find out some information about the consulate in advance.

20.Take a picture of your luggage at least with the cellphone.

21.The bustle at the airport is often artificial. Thieves usually work in groups, and pushing into the back with apologies can be a distracting maneuver. The main thing for thieves is to distract you from your luggage or a bag.

Modern life is impossible without travelling. Prepare your trip beforehand and have just positive emotions while travelling. Remember these secrets and use them in your trips.

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