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The Situation in Egypt: Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Many tourists are now wondering whether holiday in Egypt is dangerous. They are afraid of visiting this country, because it is considered a no-go destination. In addition, the authorities of Egypt are going to prolong the state of emergency for three months. It is true that there are still areas, where the situation remains rather tense. However, the resorts, located on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, are far from riots and demonstrations, so it is safe enough to have a holiday there.


Those who like to study foreign countries independently should remember that it is dangerous to travel alone in Egypt (not in the tour group). At the present time, it is also extremely undesirable to go on guided tours organized by local residents; there is a great chance to get into serious trouble.

Reasons to visit Egypt now

Quality service and food. It should be noted that despite the absence of crowds of tourists, service has not changed for the worse. On the contrary, according to tourists, the Egyptians have become more affable and attentive to their holidaymakers.

egypt Quality service and food

The Amazing Red Sea. Changes in the flight programs of various airlines and the number of tourists certainly does not concern the main advantage of Egypt, the magnificent biodiversity of the Red Sea. Coral reefs, unusually beautiful species of fish, majestic stingrays and turtles are really amazing!

The Amazing Red Sea

Affordable prices. Presently, the cost of tours to Egypt with the concept of “All inclusive” pleases everyone. This chance to relax in warm and sunny Egypt (+25 in January) cannot be missed!

Pleasant and healthy. Any vacation is a restoration of strength, energy and body. Do not miss a chance to treat yourself to bananas, dates, mangoes, figs and kumquat. Since you are in Egypt, do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the local food market. First of all, it is interesting. Secondly, it is delicious. Thirdly, it is cheap.


Hospitality. The Egyptians are very hospitable people. If you have dinner alone, they can invite you to their home for a dinner. In Egypt, as in many other Arab countries, the guests are much respected. Especially if they are foreign guests, the Egyptians feel responsible for their health and well-being. They sincerely care about the comfort of a guest, wishing to show Egypt from the good side.

Hospitality egypt

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