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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations for the Perfect Holiday

So, you’ve finally prepared everything for the marriage of your dream: the best wedding clothes, a list of guests, the décor and flowers… But, what about your honeymoon? Which place will satisfy all your needs?

Here is a list of 10 honeymoon destinations that will make your holiday unforgettable!

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii can boast the most picturesque tropical beaches worldwide! Enjoy hiking, boating, diving and snorkel in this paradise place. Choose any from Hawaiian Islands – all of them have their own unique romance and charm.

  1. California

California wine country is a top-notch destination, visited by thousands of newly married from all over the world. Natural hot springs, incredible green hills with numerous vineyards will make your trip really amazing.

  1. Florida

Florida is one of the most popular romantic places for celebrities. Relax on sandy beaches, dance in luxurious clubs in Miami or just make fun with your loved one in the Disney World Orlando! Easy to get to, Florida remains to be on the top of the best 10 honeymoon destinations.

  1. Las Vegas

Don’t you like beaches? The City of Sun is a glamor place for those who value luxury and night life. An unbelievable amount of casinos, hotels and dance clubs will blow your mind!

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  1. Italy

Italy remains to be one of the greatest romantic places to visit for years. Stunning historic monuments, cathedrals and unique atmosphere, as well as Mediterranean beauty will make you forget your marriage ado and have an awesome rest with your beloved.

  1. Switzerland

Visit Black Forest, the medieval Basel, go hiking in the mountains or enjoy Swiss beautiful lakes. For urban lovers there are plenty of historic places, art galleries and museums in the biggest cities.

  1. Greece

Greece offers a handy combination of sandy beaches, historic places and luxury shopping. Ancient ruins and amazing nature are the key aspects of having a honeymoon in Greece.

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  1. Spain

Ibiza, Spain, is the most popular place for European youth. The old town, magnificent beaches and busy night life attract millions of tourists, including honeymooners, each year.

  1. France

France is a classical choice of newly married from all over the world. French romance, easy and relaxing environment, dozens of places to visit, as well as famous cuisine will make your wedding adventure really enjoyable.

  1. Iceland

Although you might never consider Iceland as a place for your honeymoon, it is really worth visiting. If you are tired from annoying heat and beaches, get your winter coat and go to Iceland!


Just a Few Tips for Honeymooners

First of all, make sure to buy your tickets in advance: most of these 10 honeymoon destinations are exceptionally popular places to visit. Make sure not to miss the needed date!

Second, book your hotel beforehand. The most convenient hotels with the highest service and reasonable prices always have lack of available rooms.

Third, choose the place of your dream and just relax with someone you really love in your honeymoon!

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