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Budget Honeymoon trip

When the wedding has already been played, the gifts are open, and the white dress can be removed, there comes an equally exciting and beautiful stage – the long-awaited honeymoon. This is the time when young people can only be alone, enjoy romance, and visit together where they have long wanted. This is an unforgettable time that needs to be discussed and planned in advance, so that both spouses are satisfied and nothing could break your plans! But where to go and not spend a large amount? We have some honeymoon ideas on a budget.

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Excellent directions for the newlyweds

Think together what you would like to see and what to be a mandatory item in your honeymoon on the budget. Your mood and rest depend on the place. It doesn’t matter where you go: in hot countries, in foggy London or find a secluded place in your native country — it’s the one rule: you both should be calm, comfortable, no one should bother you.

The island of Gili Air

The island of Gili Air in Indonesia is a secluded paradise where there is no transportation, except bicycles and horse-drawn carts. The resort is popular with couples in love who want to be alone with nature, relax from the noise and fuss. The island is distinguished by white sandy beaches, dense tropical vegetation, azure waters of the Indian Ocean and a rich underwater world. On the beach there are restaurants where you can order a romantic dinner. Prices in local hotels are very democratic. Even the most luxurious hotel will not cost more than $50.

So, for example, in the Bolata Beach House, two-spaced on the ocean. Breakfast on the beach will be an excellent remembrance of the trip together. There is a restaurant on site, a private beach, and bicycles can be rented.

Another good option is the hotel complex aZa Zil Bungalows. It is best all inclusive honeymoon resorts on a budget. Hotel consists of separate bungalows surrounded by a tropical garden. Large swimming pool and WiFi throughout. A neat clean place, around silence. Not far from the hotel is a local market with cheap fruits. The standard bungalow costs $53.

The island of Gili Air in Indonesia


It is a small coastal city in Vietnam. Old cobbled streets, neat two-floor houses with a tiled roof, lovely cafes, workshops and art galleries — this is Hoian, a typical port city of the XVI-XVIII centuries. The first impression when you are in the center is that you are not in Asia, but in Europe. The town is simply saturated with romance, which is ideal for a honeymoon traveling.

It is very cozy, nice, you can enjoy the sea, as well as see the historical monuments. The restaurants serve tasty food; the nature here is no worse than on the tropical islands. At the same time such a holiday will cost you inexpensively.

The hotel per day you will cost from 25 dollars. The budget option is the hotel Nhi Nhi. There is everything for a restful rest: a swimming pool, beautiful rooms in Asian style and a restaurant, where delicious traditional food is prepared.

Koh Lanta

One of the places where you can spend a honeymoon is the island of Ko Lanta in Thailand. About Ko Lanta is still very few people know, but every year its popularity grows and will continue to grow. Noisy bars and shops with chic clothes you will not find here, but here is an incredibly beautiful nature. Travelers here are waiting for mysterious caves, mangroves, beaches with fine white sand and mountains covered with dense forests. The waters of the Andaman Sea off the coast of Lanta are declared a marine reserve, and the coral reefs surrounding the island are a paradise for lovers of scuba diving.

There are many secluded corners, where you can stay alone, and the hotels here are very inexpensive. It is difficult to find cheaper accommodation on the islands. Here are the best all inclusive honeymoon resorts on a budget. The cost per day here starts from 5 dollars!

Lanta Just Come is a 5-minute walk from Klong Hong Beach. The rooms are luxurious, there is a swimming pool, and the territory is decorated with tropical trees.

Ko Lanta in Thailand

Yasawa, Fiji

This is a series of volcanic islands, virtually unaffected by civilization. The nature here is unique; especially the underwater world is multifaceted. Researchers of the sea depths come to Yasava from all over the world, knowing that here you can see a lot of species of corals, sharks and dolphins. And if your second half is mad from fishing, then fishing for ocean fish will be to your liking.

If you have always dreamed of a wedding on the tropical islands off the ocean, then it is here that you can arrange a beautiful wedding ritual. And after, place in an inexpensive hotel on the beach. Everything is very nice and inexpensive, a great place for a memorable vacation.

The cheapest rooms on the island are in the hotels of Beach Escape Villas and Nadi Bay Resort. These are budget resorts, which many like for the unique style and atmosphere that prevails in the resort. Of course, on the territory of hotels there are restaurants, swimming pools and free breakfast. And from the windows of your room will open a picturesque view of the beach. It’s hard to believe, but a day’s stay in such paradise conditions will cost you $ 30.

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Ubud, Bali

Island, which became the best honeymoon destinations on a budget. The cultural capital of Bali, a green city without a sea, a unique center of crafts and cultures. Here it is worth to go to those newlyweds who want to spend a budget honeymoon in a quiet environment away from everyone.

Ubud is a unique town, original and atmospheric, falling in love with it after the first days of stay. Here, not only are many untouched nature and quiet places, but also you can find an interesting museum and souvenir market.
You can rent a room at a cost starting from $ 10. Good honeymoon budget hotels: Desak Putu Putra Home Flocks, Ayani Good Hose, Soca Hows and dozens of other budget housing options. On the territory of all hotels there is a swimming pool, and the rooms are cozy. Everything is done in the traditional style of Bali: many living exotic plants and statues.

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    Amazing ideas for honeymoon! We spent our wonderful time in Ko Lanta (Thailand)! I’ll never forget it!

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