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Where to go on honeymoon in November?

You can find interesting offers and options for a honeymoon in any month, including November. A lot of people consider Thailand to be the best option. There are various romantic trips and excursions for the newlyweds. In the evening you can ride a boat restaurant and taste various Thai dishes. The weather is favorable at this time and rains will not bother you.

pict Honeymoon Destinations

Vietnam also offer excellent weather conditions, affordable prices and beautiful beaches honeymoon destinations in November. The time spent in this exotic country will be remembered for a long time. Here you can not only observe the architectural and natural attractions, but also be engaged in active recreation, such as diving. In Vietnam diving is considered to be the most affordable in the world in terms of prices. The beaches are clean with snow-white sand.

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For those who are not interested in the financial side, we advise Maldives with its coral beaches and very beautiful water. What is more, the most favorable conditions here are in November.

Fairytale cities in Europe

It is not necessary to focus your attention exclusively on beach holidays in exotic countries. It is worth taking a closer look at the various leisure options in Europe. Many young couples after the wedding go to Prague, where at any time of the year you can find something to see and to do. You can visit the famous Czech resort Karlovy Vary. Various festivals and events constantly take place in Prague. In November, prices for hotel accommodation, excursions and even meals in cafes and restaurants are reduced to 50 percent.

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There is no sense to go to the Scandinavian countries. There is windy, cold and damp weather in November.

Do not forget about Paris. It is a city of lovers and many just dream of spending their honeymoon in this city, but not everyone can afford it.

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One more advantage of honeymoon in November is a solemn ceremony of lighting the Christmas lights at the end of November that take place in many European cities.

Remember, any month is good for a honeymoon trip. Everything depends on your financial capabilities and preferences.



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