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Aruba honeymoon: a holiday you will never forget!

A honeymoon is a time, when two loving hearts can finally spend time together after a noisy holiday and a crowd of guests. Tired of pre-wedding fever, when you need to catch everything and do not forget anything, you want a quiet, “lazy” holiday in a true paradise on earth. Honeymoon is a short, but such a significant period of life, lovers wish to remember forever. Therefore, it is important to choose the place where you spend this wonderful time with all responsibly.

Aruba honeymoon

Aruba is considered one of the best places for a honeymoon. Just imagine: a piece of tenderness in the emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea. This small island is genuinely a honeymoon paradise. Endless white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, exotic fauna – everything you need for a romantic getaway together.

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There are a mild tropical climate and a comfortable temperature for rest (about 28 ° C). Even at night, the temperature does not drop below 25 ° C. That is why trips to the island can be planned at any time of the year. Rare rains, which are in autumn, mainly in October and November, are short-term showers, so they will not spoil the atmosphere of rest and the mood of vacationers.

Luxurious hotels, adjacent to the unique and pristine flora and fauna of the island, are ready to provide the service at the highest level, offering you a comfortable and pleasant pastime during your Aruba honeymoon. Mind that many hotels on the island have special programs for honeymooners, which provide not only the newlyweds discounts but also make some pleasant surprises: wine, fruit, and sweets in a room; a bed strewn with petals of exotic flowers. What more is needed for a romantic evening?

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The flora of the island of Aruba is very diverse. Hibiscus, mango, coconut palms, lemon, almonds, and, one of the island’s main attractions, a bizarre divi-divi tree that captivates tourists with its fragrance and creates a beautiful entourage for romantic photoshoots on the seashore. Therefore, going on a honeymoon trip, do not forget the camera to capture the best moments of your vacation.

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The fauna is represented mainly by small lizards and geckos. But the coastal waters are full of abundant marine life, such as bright parrotfish, sea angels, fascinating with their lovely colors, lobsters, sea bass. The underwater world of the island can be observed by going on an exciting walk on a boat with a transparent bottom.

Beautiful views and atmosphere allow you to plunge into a fairy tale. Walking along the shores of the azure sea, dinners at beachfront restaurants, offering dishes of freshly caught seafood according to local traditional recipes, cozy hotel rooms with delightful views that open from porches; all these will leave pleasant memories for your entire life.

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