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Amazing honeymoon ideas. Be off the wall! Express yourself.

In this article, we collected some fresh travel options for newly married couples, for both well-traveled ones and those for whom such destinations like Paris, Venice or Bahamas seem too trivial.
pciture Express yourselfWhen all wedding cares are left behind, when wedding party was a great success, there is time for you two to have some good rest tete-a-tete.

Unexpected destinations that will surprise your spouse

# 1

Ecuador is famous for its history, friendly citizens and relatively low prices for all types of goods.  The only drawback of this travel destination is high cost of air tickets.

# 2

Peru is one of the best places in the world for those who like walking and exploring ancient ruins. Ancient city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, which is on the top of the mountain chain, attracts tourists from all over the world.

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# 3

In Khan Khentii national park (Mongolia), you will see local colors and get first-hand knowledge about nomadic life. It is a huge park, and it looks much more picturesque when you explore it while riding a horse.

# 4 

Cafayate is the main winemaking region in Argentina.  This region is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes, oddly-shaped mountains and unusual everyday activities of locals.

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Some Like It Cold


Bettmeralp is a tiny village in Switzerland that cannot be reached by car. Ropeway is the only way to get there. The resort is perfect for those who enjoy winter kinds of sports.

# 6

Alaska cruise offers an exciting voyage for a newly married couple: mountain hiking and kayaking, observing fjords and glaciers, and admiring icebergs, staring out of a cabin.

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# 7

Reykjavík will surprise a just-married couple with its pristine nature and hospitality. Iceland is famous for its thermal hot springs. Here you can also see an active volcano and hear fairy tales about elves. In the evenings, you can cuddle up to your spouse and enjoy a unique nature phenomenon, Polar lights.

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We wish you to make your trip unforgettable with our amazing honeymoon ideas!

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