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Traditional Italian Food. Five Italian dishes that taste out of this world

Perhaps you have heard it before, buttraditional Italian food is more than just pasta and pizza. This article is one more proof of this fact!We will talk about five Italian dishes that may seem unusual for you.

Meat food Italian

#1 Parma ham is also known as ‘prosciutto’. As a rule, ‘prosciutto’ is served asappetizer or as a component ofmeat platter before dinner.

TheItalianslike to put it on bread slices oron grissini(bread-sticks). Insummer,inhabitantsofsunnyItalynormallyenjoyprosciuttowith watermelonor with honey. It results in an amazingcombinationof sweet and saltytaste.

prosciutto food

#2 FortheItalians‘MinestroneSoup’isaterm that implies a great variety of different soups on basis of beans, vegetables, potato, or rice.Onions, beans, carrots, tomatoesand celeryare unalterablyamongtheingredients one can find in various minestrones. MinestroneSoupcanbethefirst course or an alternative to risotto or pasta.

The sweetest Italian dessert

sweetest Italian dessert

#3 Gelatoisanindigenousandmaybethesweetestdish in traditional Italian food. Itispopular amongtourists, whocometoItaly. Thispopularityisnotfornothing.The taste of a real Italian Gelato is twice better thanice-cream, even the most delicious one.

A dish with a story

Cheese Steak Italian

#4 Lampredotto isasmallbunwithboiled pork chitterlings (there can be beef chitterlings as well). Therecipeofthisdishappeared in the days of Michelangelo. Inthoseancient days, itwasthedishforpoorpeople. Nowadaysitisthetraditional dishoftheregion.

Manytouristswhotastedthisterrificmeal, claim, thatlampredottomayseem disgustingonlyat firstsight;youwillforgetabout non-attractive look of this dish as soon as you swallow the first piece of it.

The risotto that is devilishly tasty

Risotto Diablo

#5 Risotto‘Diablo’withcuttlefishinkis definitely the dish to cook to surprise your kinsfolk and guests. Thisisaveryspecialrisotto.First of all, thankstocuttlefishink it turns into a black risotto. Thisunusualingredienthasalightfishytaste. You can add more cuttlefishink or lessaccording to your taste.

Try to cook any of these dishes of traditional Italian food for your guests or for a romantic evening with your beloved one and add new positive emotions to your life!

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