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Following the culture of Germany, it has a tradition. A tradition of wearing a particular thing or eating something specifically. We’re sure you already know pretty much about the national food of Germany. Here today, we would be talking all about Germany food. Germany is known for various types of foods spicy and sweet both.

The Food Germany is Known for

It is a pot roast which is made up of many different types of meat such as lamb or beef. It is usually eaten in the months which are cold. Before preparing the meat is marinated for a few days. The ingredients usually consist of types of spices, herbs, wine or vinegar. Though it depends on the region of Germany; the person goes to. Those near France prefer red wine more.

One of the dishes which you can find everywhere in Germany. It is actually a sausage which is made up of beef or pork. It is also a food that depends on the region, some prefer it grilled, or some prefer it fried. It is often served with bread roll too. Few people also take mustard with it.

plate with Bratwurst

It is a German cuisine from the South. It is a dish which includes dumpling made up of noodles; eggs, flour, and salt are added in the dumpling. It is either served with meat rice and gravy or is independently served.

It is known as liver cheese. It is made up of corn beef and onion. It is served on a bread roll and is eaten with adding mustard sauce. It is dish famous in the South of Germany and is said to better than the meatloaf made my mums.

It has a history of the German region, Swabia. This a dumpling of pasta dough and it includes egg, onions, meat, spinach, and various spices too. They have a shape particularly rectangle or square. One more thing that they are served in soups too.

plate with Maultaschen

It is known as the fast food dish. You can find it anywhere around in Germany, but it is more usual to be found in Berlin’s Hometown. It is actually a pork sausage which is steamed with a mixture of multiple ingredients. A lady used to sell it at stalls and gradually through the workers who bought it while making buildings; it became a famous dish throughout. Now it is served with French fries.

Königsberger klopse
It is named after a city. It is made in a creamy white sauce, veal meatballs are added in the sauce. The sauce is prepared with lemon juice and capers. There is a tradition of giving it with boiled potatoes. Coming to the meal balls, it contains onions, pepper, eggs, and various spices. This is also referred to as Swedish meatballs.

plate with Königsberger klopse

This is one of the sweet dishes for those wanting sugar. People going to Germany cannot return back without having this sweet dish at the German restaurant. The best Christmas thing you can get for yourself. It is a dish made up of dried fruits, nuts, almonds, and cinnamon. People also add powdered sugar on it when it is prepared to add a little more sweet taste. One of the famous piece of cake you have when you go to celebrations.

Something sweeter and yummier than Stollen. It is pastry, connected to Munich. It is a cake which is bountiful in taste and has chocolate layered twice between it. It is made of chocolate buttercream and if somebody wants it sweeter then chocolate glaze is added on it. There is also cream and different jams added on it.

plate with Prinzeregententorte

German bread
It is one of the world famous breads. A low carb yummy bread. Entering in the German bakery this is one of the things we will feel smell this hot warming bread first of all.

Pfälzer Saumagen
This is a dish which consists of meat. It is eaten with potatoes which are fried. Also eaten with sour cabbages. It sure is delicious and one the tastiest things you’d get to eat from the traditional cuisine of Germany.

It looks like pizza but the taste is completely different. The base is of bread dough. It has sour cream and onions on top. When it is served it’s kept on wooden board and is also put in oven for a while.

plate with Flammkuchen

Rote Grutz
A dish made up of red fruit jelly. It is a desert actually. All red fruits are used in it such as strawberries, red berries and cherries. Moreover,
It is served with sauce or sweet cream.

Harz cheese
This is made up of cow milk and the good thing is that it has no fat. The structure is that of a roll and has a very strong smell. It is eaten with bread and many spices. It is one of the dishes easily available in supermarkets.

These were a few of the dishes that are known and eaten widely in Germany and are available at most of the eateries.

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