Most commonly eaten food all over the world

Staple food is the most commonly eaten food around the world. Most of the population doesn’t earn enough to eat other foods. Staple food is easy to get and most importantly affordable. People can cultivate their own food. They also can sell them and earn some money for them and their family. Most of the countries from ASIA and AFRICA are depended on agriculture and staple food. This is why staple food is the most commonly eaten food in all over the world.

Most popular food in the world

There are thousands of dishes available all over the world. But a very few numbers of foods are popular all over the world. In this article, we will discuss all the popular food in the world. Food is a favorite thing for all of us. We love to eat. There are a lot of people who love to cook. This is what creates all these delicious foods in this world. Now, we will discuss the top 10 most popular food in the world below:


Rice is the most common food around the world. Two-third of the population over the world eat rice. They take rice as their primary food. It is cheap and affordable. You can grow them on your backyard and eat them.


Chicken is the second most popular food in the world. Billions of people eat chicken every day. Chicken is the first meat preference for them. They choose chicken over beef and mutton. Because chicken is affordable and cheaper than beef and mutton or other meats.


Cheese is another popular food over the world. You can use it in many ways. You can eat cheese with bread or with meat or with any food item. Cheese is one of the best food items because of its various uses. It is cheap also. Every type of people can afford cheese.


Tea is the most popular drinks around the world. It is a mixture of hot water, raw tea, milk, and sugar. Everybody loves to drink tea. Many people are addicted to it. Tea is very much cheap and affordable for all kinds of people.


It is hugely popular in the European region. Salad is also very cheap and healthy. It will lead you to a healthy life. It is good for dieting as there is no calories available in salad. Doctors prescribe their patients to eat salad for the betterment of their health. Salad is also mixtures of vegetables. So, it gives us many vitamins.


Coffee is the second most popular and commonly drink drinks in the world. It is very popular outside of ASIA. People are addicted to coffee there. Coffee is like an energy drink to them. They can drink it whenever and wherever they want. There are various types of coffees available in the world. You can find many varieties of coffees around the world.


Milk is quite famous across the world. It can be used with many things like cheese. But you can use milk in more things. You can have a variety of foods with milk. Milk is quite healthy and affordable also.


Eggs are very useful food. You can make different types of foods with eggs. You can also have a different version of eggs, like boiled eggs, fried eggs, etc. Eggs are commonly used around the world. You can even make different types of cakes and bread with eggs.


Soup is one of the most popular and healthiest food in the world. Doctors also suggest their patient eat it. There are a lot of varieties available for the soup.


Bread is quite commonly used food across the world. It has a lot of uses. You can make different types of foods using bread. It is very cheap and affordable.

Famous food in different countries

There are a lot of foods available around the world. You can have different foods in different countries. Some of them are very delicious to eat and some of them are not. Here we will discuss the top 5 famous food in five different countries below:

England: Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

The very famous roast beef of Yorkshire with another delicious item Yorkshire pudding. You can eat beef from many countries but I can assure you that you won’t forget the taste of the Roast Beef of England. If you can have pudding of Yorkshire then you will have the best combination.

Georgia: Khachapuri

It is one of the best and popular food around the world. If you ever go to Georgia do it their Khachapuri. It is too good.

Holland: Soused herring

As a European dish, it has everything to eat. It has many varieties. You can have this delicious piece only in Holland.

India: Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is not only popular in India but also in entire ASIA. But no other country can make tandoori chicken like them. They are the best to make tandoori chicken. If you ever go to India, do try this one.

Italy: Pizza

Last but not least is pizza from Italy. It is popular and famous all over the world. Many people just come to Italy to eat pizza. It is their best food. It is a must-try item if you are sitting in a restaurant in Italy.

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