Monaco traditional food

Monaco traditional food. Peculiarities of local cuisine

Each country is amazing not only for its historical and architectural sights, culture and natural wonders, but also for its national cuisine and dishes.

The culinary traditions of Monaco are a mixture of French and Italian cuisine. Local residents are often called Monegasques due to the fact that they consider themselves to be big adherents of a healthy diet. Because of this, the national dishes of Monaco include a large number of seafood, fish, vegetables and fruit.

traditional food

For the reason that the traditional cuisine of Monaco is closely connected with the Mediterranean culinary traditions, fish dishes are of great importance. Bouillabaisse is especially worthy to try. Special piquancy is given to this dish by toasted bread, smeared with a stunning Roux sauce.

Another popular dishes

If you are not a fan of fish and seafood, the cuisine of Monaco will please you with other dishes. These include:

Vegetable ragout with eggplant, tomatoes and sweet pepper.

Another popular dishes

  • Gnocchi – potato slices with melted cheese.


  • Porchetta – fatty pork, stuffed with scented herbs.


  • Lamb roll.

Such Monaco dish, like fried tortillas, is also very popular. They are served both as independent dishes and as a supplement to the main course.

A special attention is paid to desserts. There is a Christmas tradition called “Thirty desserts”. On the Christmas Eve, every resident of this tiny country should have 30 sweet dishes on a table, including almond biscuits; nougat; candied, fresh and pickled fruit; chocolate and other.


Pastis is a popular alcoholic drink in Monaco. Provence wines, as well as several varieties of local beer, are perfectly combined with local dishes. Beer with coriander, strong beer La Cervoise and La Segurane enjoy a special popularity.

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