Mexican food culture

Mexican food culture started 9000 years ago since the Maya Civilization. They passed a long way to this food culture. They used to eat rice and corn back then. Corn is still their commonly used food. But the difference between now and then in a matter of food culture is huge. They completely changed their food habits and it is still changing. Their traditional foods and cuisines still have some flavor of their ancient food culture. The amount may be low but it is still there.

Traditional cuisine of Mexico

You will find various types of traditional foods and cuisines in Mexico. They are of a very good taste. Mexican cuisines are also famous all over the world. People love their cuisines a lot. Both the locals and foreigners are addicted to their cuisines. Here are their top 5 traditional cuisines given below:


Foreigners like this cuisine a lot. It has a spicy taste and an added flavor of something which makes it more delicious.


It is the most under-rated cuisine of Mexico. Mexican people do not eat them often. But they are the regular companions of their occasions and celebrations.


Burrito is the last name of this chart. But don’t take it as the worst suggestion of the list. Because you won’t forget the taste of it if you ever taste it. It is that delicious.


This is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Mexico. It is of great taste. You can find it in most restaurants. It is a great food to eat.


Tortas is quite famous in Mexico. As traditional food people like it very much. Tortas is one of the finest traditional dishes available in Mexico.

Chiles en Nogada

This dish is a blessing for the spicy lovers. It will give them the best spicy food feeling. It is very popular in Mexico right now. If you are a spicy lover, then you must try this dish.


It is one of the most famous dishes for traditional food lovers. They find it very tasty and appealing at the same time. If you are in Mexico, then trust me you should try this one. Otherwise, you will be regretting.

Sopa de Lima

Last but not least is Sopa de Lima. It is a treat for the traditional lovers. You can’t more than this as a traditional Mexican food lover. You can have a delicious taste if you try this one out.

Top 5 Foods to Try in Mexico

Mexico is a city of food. You can find different types of foods in Mexico. You should try them while you are in Mexico. But you can’t have all of them at the same time. So, here we are to give you some suggestions over this. These are the top 5 foods which you must try in Mexico:


It is one of the finest foods available in Mexico. You shouldn’t leave Mexico without trying this great food. It is a complete package. Though it is a bit costly the taste of it will realize you that it is worth every penny. You must try this delicious item if you are ever in Mexico.


It is another must-have item or must-eat item of Mexico. Mexico is a city of food. You will find different types of Pozole around the whole country. Pozole is quite popular and famous outside of Mexico as well. Foreigners love to eat Pozole whenever they are here. You should also try it if you ever go to Mexico.

Tacos al pastor

It is another version of Tacos, Actually the Mexican version of Tacos. Tacos al pastor is a very famous food in Mexico. It can give you a prime taste of Mexican food. You can’t forget the taste of Tacos al pastor if you ever try it. This is the most delicious food you can find in Mexico.


Tostados is mostly famous outside of Mexico. Foreigners love this one more than the local people. It has a huge demand among foreigners. Shops of tostadas are always packed with foreign customers. It is a traditional food of Mexico.


Last but not least Elote. You must try this once in your life. It is delicious food to eat. The taste of it is very unique. You would love the taste and obviously demand more of it if you once have it. It is not so costly also. So, you should try it once when you are in Mexico.

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