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10 best Indian dishes that you have to try.

Making an exciting journey to India you can see not only the amazing sights of this country and get acquainted with unusual traditions, but also taste real Indian delicacies. What should be surely tasted?  We will tell it in this article.

Sabzi. It is one of the most popular dishes of Indian cuisine. It is a vegetable stew with the addition of curry powder. It is served with rice and flatbreads. Vegetables, yoghurt, coconut milk, paneer (Indian cheese) and various spices can be added in different recipes.

Dal. This is a vegetarian pureed soup on a basis of several kinds of legumes. It includes coconut milk, lemon juice, tomatoes, fried onions, garlic and, of course, curry. It is served with warm flatbreads.

Indian pickles. Indian pickles are vegetables or fruits marinated in oil (mustard or sesame). To do it you need to cut vegetables or fruits, sprinkle it with seasonings and marinate in warm oil for about 3 weeks. Typically, mango, carrot, onion, cauliflower, garlic, lime are used to make pickles.

Tandoori chicken. Tandoor is a special brazier for cooking. Chicken is marinated in yogurt with the addition of spices (cayenne pepper, hot chili or other spice mixes) and then it is baked at high heat in a tandoor.

Curry. Curry is not only the name of one of the most popular condiments, but also a favorite dish by Indians. It consists of vegetables, legumes or meat and, of course, a curry powder. Curry is always served with rice. After the meal you will get crushed betel nuts and spices that improve digestion, wrapped in betel leaves.

good indian foodChapati. It is a famous Indian flatbread. This dish is quickly prepared and doesn’t require many products. Moreover, it is healthy, because of the flour, which contains bran. Special flour for chapati is called atta. In addition, chapati is baked on a completely dry frying pan, without oil.

Gajar ka halwa. This is a carrot halva with almonds. Gajar ka Halwa is, perhaps, one of the favorite sweets. In India, especially in the north of the country, you can see it cooking in a large wok in local sweets shops.

food in indiaRice biryani. It’s a rice basmati, fried with a whole set of various spices and additives, such as, a coriander, cashew nuts, raisin, mint and ginger. Such rice is served with meat (chicken or lamb). Rice is accompanied by sauce based on unsweetened yogurt, which is mixed with pineapple, cucumber, mint or green onions.

Samosa. Samosa is a baked or roasted patty of a triangular shape with a stuffing of potatoes, green peas, curry, coriander, onions or cottage cheese. They come in different varieties, shapes and sizes.

Thali. This amazing dish completes this culinary hit parade of Indian cuisine. It is a complete set of different products in a one plate. It means that you can try rice, bread, chapati, fresh and pickled vegetables, sour and sweet sauces in a one dish.

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