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American traditional foods and dishes. Healthy food in the USA.

The United States of America has always been the country of immigrants, a melting pot of dozens of nationalities; that is why traditional dishes here vary from region to region.  American traditional foods and dishes are not only fast food and Coca cola, as many people believe.

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Four American traditional foods and dishes: a typical US salad, soup, main course and a dessert

Usually American people start their meal with salad.  We can recommend you Waldorf salad, made of sour-sweet apples, English walnuts and celery, with mayonnaise, lemon juice and cayenne pepper dressing.

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As an alternative to Waldorf salad you can consider the Cobb salad. The recipe was invented by Robert Cobb, the restaurant owner. One day he was just hungry, looked for some food to have a snack, and without thinking too much put into his plate such ingredients: pieces of boiled chicken breasts, some avocado, garlic, celery, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, lettuce leaves, mixed it all with olive oil and mustard dressing. The salad turned out to be so tasty and substantial that many restaurants in the USA included it into their menus.

Do you want some American soup? Then try the one called ‘Gumbo’. This soup is widespread in Louisiana State. Spicy and thick, it looks like stew. It usually consists of hen or turkey, oysters or crabs, a gammon of bacon etc. This soup is nutritious and has a rich taste.

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Grilled meat or fish is a common main course for an American middlebrow.

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For gourmets, we recommend Rocky Mountain oysters. The name of the dish is misleading, because it is made of testicles of a young bull or ram.  The taste of this dish is similar to beef liver but a little bit more sophisticated.

As well as in any other country, in the USA one can find a dessert that would satisfy any taste. If you are looking for something healthy and light, we can recommend Boston crème pie.  It seems to be high-calorie only at first glance.

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Organic food VS fast food

Nowadays more and more Americans prefer buying so-called organic food at the stores. Healthy food still costs a lot in the USA and in the majority of highly developed industrialized countries. Easy access to fast food and its low price leads to many medical problems, which even kids and teens can face.

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