Most restaurants are on a competition to give the very best foods in the world, some even trying out very unique strategies of bringing certain foods for a specific season.

Top-rated Restaurants in the World

1. Mirazur in Menton, France

This hotel lands on this list as number one among the best restaurants in the world, being the best in France also, the restaurant is just situated at the very foot of a mountain just at the border of France and Italy, which is a very strategic position because it gets clients both from Italy and from France. The hotel is surrounded by evergreen vegetation that gives it the naturality. This restaurant has a very spacious dining room which gives you a full view of the sea from the very large nice windows which give you an outdoor experience even if you are inside because the windows cover the whole wall area. The bar has quite a large spacious place where you can enjoy it.

The cuisines

You cannot talk about a restaurant and fail to talk about food. Basically it is what ranks the restaurant, first the food in this hotel is mostly inspired by the sea, which is very near, you will automatically expect fish on the menu, the garden owned by the hotel, this provides a lot of food including vegetables and the healthy fruits, the final thing that greatly inspires the food in this restaurant is the mountain, they go for the natural food on the mountain like mushroom. The restaurant offers a very unique taste when it comes to food with the blending of different cooking cultures that comes out very delicious dishes. You will get almost every variety of food, some of which you have never tasted before. You can always be sure of satisfaction from mouthwatering food and the highly experienced chefs in the whole world. You will get to taste fish from the Mediterranean Sea, mushrooms from the mountain and vegetables from a local garden with a combination of many other foods.

2. Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark

This is the second-best restaurant in the world. Noma which started very small though with the very unique cuisines which saw the restaurant get the best slot in the world for the first time in 2010, continued with the trend in the consecutive years till 2014 except in 2013 only. Noma just changed its location to a new and more spacious building in 2017.


The new Noma restaurant has introduced a new approach in its dining structure which offers three menus in a year; this is the most unique structure that has never been used before. You will need to know about these menus before you go to this restaurant. For instance from 9th January to 1st June, you will only get seafood, you cannot get any other food in this restaurant at this time, the second season is the vegetable season which runs from 25th June to 21st September, you will only get vegetable foods in this season, the last season in the year is all about forest foods, this one runs from 15th October to 321st December. This unique structure is what makes Noma rank as the second-best in the world. The foods in all these seasons explore the native ingredients which are combined with modern techniques to bring out the most delicious taste which you will enjoy the tasting. What you should note when visiting this restaurant is the season in which you are visiting; you will then know exactly what you expect.

3. Asador Etxebarri in Spain

This is the third-best restaurant in the world and the best in Spain actually. The restaurant is very unique in its working and the kind of food it offers. It is best known for the very best barbecue, the skills employed in this restaurant when it comes to barbecuing is just amazing with a rural setting that makes everything really good. The restaurant has very spacious and well illuminated large dining areas with the most modern décor that reflects nature. And the service is really amazing and very concerned about your comfort. When you go downstairs you will find a bar with all sorts of drinks.

The grilling is done very carefully with fierce fire which gives the food some smoky taste that makes it even more delicious. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients from farms and animals which give it a unique fresh taste; however, they keep it simple for you to be able to manage it.

4. Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand

This is the fourth-best restaurant in the world and is the best in the whole of Asia. The cuisines in this restaurant have significantly transformed from purely Asian to world menu. The dishes are prepared with the best and most skillful chefs in the world. There is a special blend of ancient and modern techniques to bring you the best dishes. The staff is quite passionate and motivated, with a lot of care towards the customer. The dining area in this restaurant is quite large and well decorated giving you the best feeling of a world-class restaurant. This is the reason it ranks fourth-best in the world.

5. Central restaurant in Peru

This restaurant lands at number five on the list of the best restaurants. This is also the best in Peru. It is well known for its bets cuisines from a blend of Peruvian tastes with the modern international tastes. The restaurant also gives you a lot of exotic fruits and vegetables. This is one of the fanciest restaurants you can visit in Peru. Don’t forget about the customer service which is quite good and the staff is very concerned about your well-being.

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