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Exploring regional specialties and national favorites

When we visit new countries, studying their stories and traditions — all the knowledge in the head is mixed and combined, creating new images and tastes. It is impossible to learn the culture of another country completely, if you do not try its local food. In this article we have compiled the top 5 places for food lovers — bon appetit!

places for food lovers

A real gastronomic trip for every taste

Tokyo. This is where the freshest seafood and truly unusual food are gathered. And all that is complemented by aesthetically beautiful serving of food. All the incredible dishes: sushi, unagi, tempura, shabu-shabu and okonomiyaki. Try ramen on Ramen Street at the famous Tokyo Station or yakitori kebabs in open-air kitchens. And you can also visit city markets, where they hold auctions for the best fish.

the freshest seafood and truly unusual food

Dublin. Food menu is simply superb: sausage rolls, fish and chips, oysters and Guinness, fresh unleavened bread, sausages (with poetic name — black pudding), and other Irish sweets like ice cream with sea salt. Also, check out the late breakfast at the Pepperpot Café, and then stroll down to Hatch & Sons or the Pig’s Ear to get to know the real traditional food.

Madrid. One of the most delicious dishes — in hot Spain. After tasting obligatory tortila española (Spanish tortilla) and churros con chocolate (sweet roasted pastries), try the traditional Cocido o stew from various types of meat, vegetables and chickpeas. Delicious meals everywhere: from expensive restaurants to street food.

traditional Spain food

Rome. Italian cuisine without a doubt can be called the best in the world. Of course, local dishes like pizza, pasta and lasagna and risotto must be tried by everyone who comes to Italy. Don’t forget about colorful local markets with fresh fish.

Seattle. It attracts travelers with fish delicacies, fresh coffee, cherries, BBQ and other goodies. Seafood (mussels, shellfish and oysters) are on the must try list. So, head straight for the bowl of clam soup or a plate of gorgeous oysters.

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