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A warmer version of Ireland?

If you have ever been to Ireland or Switzerland, you probably know that the nature there is amazing, but often the weather is not very friendly for long-walks along marvelous sceneries. Interesting fact, there is a place which is often described as the warmer version of these two countries – Flores Island and it is located on the Azores, Portugal. There you can see green hills, crystal-clear lagoons and creeks, fabulous flora and fauna and, of course, the Atlantic Ocean.

Flores is famous for its natural beauty, which can be found in volcanic lakes, located in the craters of volcanoes. Most of the time, except spring, the hills are covered with fog, that makes Flores similar to Ireland. The most picturesque of the lakes is the Funda, with many small shoals and shores framed by unusually beautiful intact vegetation. There are also some antique mansions and churches in the Baroque style, pastures, farms and vineyards which compliment the whole picture and create an extraordinary landscape of the island.

This place has a perfect climate – the average air temperature is + 15 ° C in January and + 22 ° C in July. From May to September the water temperature ranges from + 20 °C to + 23 °C.

What about activities?

Speaking about activities to be done, the first thing in many travelers “to-do list” is hiking. There are four trails of various difficulty and length, but in comparison with other countries, they are considered to be completely safe and real even for an unprepared hiker. Following them will show you lots of interesting and fascinating sites in Flores.

Another great way to spend an unforgettable time there is to take a boat trip. It will be especially great if you hire a local guide. He will tell you all secrets and facts about each cave and lagoon, finishing it with history review. Besides, such trips are often accompanied by playful dolphins around the boat, which may be a joy for both parents and kids.

As this is the island, there is a great variety of sea food, local and Portuguese traditional dishes. This food will boost up your taste receptors on a completely new level, so do not miss the opportunity to try something unique and exotic.

For those who like extreme activities, Flores offer canyoning down the waterfalls and jumping into pools. This land has diverse routes of any difficulty. The age limit ends at 8 years, so it may be an excellent time spending for the whole family. All guides are trained professional and there is special equipment to prevent tourists from injuries. Also there you can try bird watching, bike tours, scuba diving, surfing and whale watching.

Where to stay?

It goes without saying that exploring this island may take more than 1 or 2 days, so lots of hotels offer their services and accommodation. Prices for the room vary but there is hardly a place without modern commodities like Wi-Fi, TV, etc. The most popular hotels are Cuada, Argonauta, Casa Atlantida and Palheiro.


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