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Australian Festivals.Five events in Australia that will turn your life upside down!

Australiaisthecountry, wherepeoplearecheerfulandalittlebitcrazy.Manyvariousfestivalsareheldhereannually.  Asarule, Australian festivalsarebrightandinteresting, but sometimes they are really odd. Ifyouareluckytobein Australia, not far from the place where a local festival is held, you should not miss an event.Inthisreviewyouwillreadaboutthe biggest and the mostpopular Australian festivals.

Australian Festivals

The best Festival to blow your mind

#1 СhinchillaMelonFestival isone of the strangestAustralian festivals. Onefourthofallthewatermelonsinthecountryare grown in this city. The Australians invented this holiday todrawattentiontothisfactandtohavewonderfulpastime. Theeventisheldonceintwoyears. Onthisdaypeopledowhatevertheywantwiththebiggestberryintheworld. Guestsofthefestival castwatermelons,smash them and even ride them.There is also a ‘long spit’ contest here (watermelon seeds spitting). At this festival, the choice of the right clothes is the most important one. Noone will be clean leaving the festival site!

Australian Festivals

Best Australian Festivals for gourmands

#2 AtGingerFood and FlowerFestival onecantry varietyofdisheswitharomatic ginger, to get to know some amusing facts about ginger and just to have fun under the open sky. Theorganizerofthefestivalisacompany thatowns plantations of ginger and heliconias.

Flower Festival Australian

#3 TastingAustraliais definitelyan interesting event for gourmands. Thefestivaltakesplaceannuallyin April in Melbourne and its suburbs. Hereatouristcanhaveamealfor 20$ only.Thehighlightoftheshow is the longest lunch in the world.

food wine festivals

Two more special Australian Festivals

#4 Even if you are in Australia on a stopover, visiting ‘Vivid Sydney’ festival is a must.The festival is a ‘full-package’ of art events inSydney. The colossal light show on the Opera House’s roof will leave an imperishable impressionin your heart!

# 5 TheEOYF (End of Year Fest)Car festival,which is held in January, is worth your attention too!Luxury Cars, their roaring engines and loudspeaker systems, thebestdriftersof the country and more than 1600 showpieces…

Luxury Cars

TheAustraliansarejoyful and reckless; they can partyas no one else in the world.

Join the Australians at their terrific festivals and you will never regret it!



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