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Amazing Christmas Destinations

It would seem that there is plenty of time before the New Year holidays. In fact, autumn will fly by quickly, and very soon the most urgent issue will be “Where to spend the holidays?”. For those who prefer to plan a holiday in advance, we collected the best travel destinations for Christmas for every taste and purse.

Choose a trip for the winter holidays

Berlin, Germany. A solemn ball in a medieval castle or non-stop bar-hopping, international folk festivals or dinner at Michelin stars – in Berlin it is possible to combine several New Year scenarios at once. Regardless of how you eventually decide to hold a holiday, it is possible and necessary to improvise in the German capital. Also with the menu: baked carp, an endless variety of meat snacks, fragrant cheeses, as well as beer, krug, punch and a bit of champagne at midnight — Berlin can be called the point of intersection of a variety of gastronomic tastes.

Christmas Berlin

Salzburg, Austria. New Year in Salzburg is a classic winter vacation. It’s ideal place for best Christmas vacations for families. Twinkling braids garlands, clusters of Christmas tree toys and conifers decorate the city from the beginning of December, and in any of its lanes you can feel like in a medieval Austrian tale. One of the best festive bazaars in Europe is located on the areas of Domplatz and Residenzplatz. And it’s not just about old ornaments, fragrant pretzels and sweet mulled wine, but also in the feeling of seclusion that appears among the high mountains. On New Year’s Eve, buy in Bengal lights in one of the fairgrounds and meet midnight with the residents of the city to ring the bells of the Salzburg Cathedral. The next two days are more than enough to go around the historical center of the city, and then you can go to one of the ski resorts nearby.

Christmas Salzburg

Reykjavik, Iceland. Local residents believe: the louder the meeting, the happier it will pass. There is a lot of noise here: music and songs do not cease until the very morning. Every New Year, the main city square becomes the epicenter of universal fun: here a big fire is kindled. A few hours later the salutes will cease, but the sky will not darken, but will only become more beautiful due to the magnificent northern lights — a sight that is worth it to go all the long way to Reykjavik.

Christmas in Reykjavik

Hong Kong, China. New Year’s fireworks in Hong Kong — one of the most spectacular in the world, so come early to the area of the Golden Bauhinia to take the best places. And if you do not want to huddle with other tourists, then move to the embankment of the ChimSachi district to look at the performances of the Cantonese opera, stroll around the local Walk of Fame and try all the diversity of Hong Kong street food. It is worth returning here and in the following days — every day at 8pm on the waterfront is the famous “Symphony of Lights”, the largest permanent light show. It’s one of the spectacular Christmas vacation ideas.

Christmas in Hong Kong

Goa, India. In early January in South Asia, the season for a perfect beach holiday comes. Although the smallest state of India is a very popular destination at any time of the year, and this is more than deserved. Behind a noisy party, move to Anjuna — here they celebrate New Year’s Day right on the beach. Having fallen asleep, on the first day of the year rent a scooter and go to New Year’s trip on the most beautiful beaches nearby. Do not forget to take a look at the gifts to the local historical flea market, Flimarket — here you are looking for clothes, painted in tye-dye technique, and strange handmade souvenirs, and do not hesitate to bargain.

Christmas Goa

New York, USA. The city, which never sleeps, begins to prepare for winter holidays in about two months and by the end of December is transformed beyond recognition, sparkles and shimmers with millions of light bulbs and garlands. If you do not want to crowd in Times Square, move to the ice rink in Central Park or at Gotham Hall. However, it will be enough to just walk along the festive avenue.

Christmas New Yor

Athens, Greece. Unusual on a trip to New Year’s Day in Athens will be that in the Greek capital the holiday is called St. Basil’s Day. From the usual holiday, he differs mainly in the fact that the main hero here is not Santa Claus, but St. Basil. Go to Syntagma Square and join the crowded round of sirtaki under bright fireworks. When midnight comes, break for good the big fruit of the pomegranate on the stone wall, and in the morning, hurry to the nearest bakery to try the lush vasilopita there.

Christmas in Athens

Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s the city where you can hide from the New Year, and celebrate it the loudest. People’s festivities on the streets on a festive night here are not acceptable, but at the same time life is boiling in bars and clubs, where noisy parties and colorful performances are arranged. In this regard, Tel Aviv offers a very wide choice — from an expensive dinner in the tower Azrieli to dancing on the beach.

Christmas in Tel-Aviv

Dubai, UAE. On New Year’s Eve the Burj Khalifa tower becomes the epicenter of the salute, from which the entire city is festively groomed. If you do not want to crowd in the square in front of a skyscraper, book a table in nearby restaurants or buy a ticket for a party on the ship – both of which will need to be planned in advance. And for those who do not want to spend much money, there is always a free beach area Jumeirah. Stock up on food and drinks and come here early to take good places. If all this is too trivial, then think about New Year’s safari on camels. After it you can go on holiday shopping, which will please with big discounts.

Christmas in Dubai

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