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Traveling with kids: keep everyone happy

We all like to travel. Children are no exception, they like to travel and get acquainted with new places even more than adults. Some people believe that traveling and finding new adventures ends for them as soon as they become parents.  This is not quite true. In any journey, children are the best companions. They seek to investigate the world, and sometimes they notice things that you would not pay attention to. However, when going on a trip you need to prepare your child for a future travelling. Here we provide you with some important tips.

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6 tips to prepare your child for a next journey

Start with short trips. After all, a three or four-year-old children will find it difficult to travel in a car, or to take a long flight on an airplane.

Games for small travelers. Tell your child about the trip in advance: vividly describe that soon you will fly on an airplane right above the clouds. It is a good idea to imagine that you are on a plane. In such a way, it will be easier to prepare the child in advance for the rules of behavior in the cabin of an aircraft. If your child is older, you can explain what turbulence is. The more different situations you imagine at home, the easier will be your flight.

 Games for small travelers

Magic minutes of waiting. Talk with your child about the upcoming trip. The main idea should be the following: soon we will go on a trip, and there we are waiting for amazing adventures. Take a globe or a map: mark the place where you live and the place where you will fly. Discuss how far it is.

Magic minutes of waiting

Explore the country you want to visit with your child.

  • Look at the beautiful photos of the place you are going to.
  • Study the climate, plants and animals that live in a new country.
  • Read about the customs of the locals.
  • Tell what language the locals speak.
  • Discuss hazards that require special behavior: high waves, slippery edges of the pool, dangerous insects or animals.
  • For older children: ask them to look for interesting attractions or amusement parks nearby that they would like to visit during the trip.

Self-dependence. It is worth buying a child own backpack, in which he should put the things he needs: a toy, snack and other small things. Thus, the child will feel his personal participation in the process of preparing for the upcoming trip.


Adult talks. The child should not hear your discussions with relatives about the dangers of the upcoming flight or fears related to the trip. Take care of the child’s psyche, as children are not able to filter the information.

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