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Family holidays in the UK: where to go?

Planning a trip to another country is not an easy task, especially when it is a family holiday. There can appear too contradictory desires. One wants to visit museums and pieces of cultural heritage, the other wants to go shopping and taste dishes of national cuisine. Younger family members require something fabulous and mysterious. You can find all these pleasures in the UK.

If you are considering whether it is worth visiting foggy Albion with children, or maybe it is better to choose some beach resort, we will try to convince you that England is beautiful at any time of the year. English rains and fogs are a part of the entourage. The gloomy and gray sky only adds some mystery and majesty to the surrounding castles and palaces.

A perfect place to visit with your family

London, the capital of England, is a great place to go with children. Remember, that you should not come here during school holidays, especially in the middle of the school year, because the city is crowded with groups of children from all over Europe and they all want to visit the same attractions as you.

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Good news for museum lovers is that all state museums in the UK are completely free! You can see glass boxes for donations with the specified recommended amount of money at the entrances, but it is not obligatory to put something in it.

The most popular free museums in London are the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. They are located close to each other. In the Natural History Museum, it is possible to see dinosaurs, birds, animals, and different rocks. The Science Museum will provide you with very interesting information about the causes of earthquakes, rocket construction, airplanes and ships; children can also explore experimental websites (there are two: one for toddlers, and the other for older children).

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The Horniman Museum and Gardens in southern London is highly recommended for those who like nature and music. Here is a small zoo, an aquarium, collection of unique musical instruments, an exhibition of interesting items from around the world.

Among the paid attractions of London, London Zoo and Kew Royal Botanical Gardens are especially notable. London Zoo has a huge collection of amazing animals. Here you will see rare fish species, amphibians, reptiles, aardvarks and coatimundis. You will have a chance to go down to the underworld and to visit a rainforest inhabited by sloths, armadillos and anteaters.

London are the Natural History Museum

Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew is Europe’s largest collection of diverse plants from around the world, with several greenhouses, Japanese and Mediterranean gardens, and Alpine house. The huge spaces of Kew are a great opportunity to relax with children and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding nature.

alnwick castle

Favorable offer

You can purchase a “family” ticket, which is a pass to more than 580 historical sites, castles, national gardens and parks. The ticket is valid for a large family – two adults and three children. A great advantage is not only its price. A tedious waiting in queues to popular museums will not be a problem. With a “family” ticket, you can visit the palace of King Henry VIII on the Thames (children love to play hide-and-seek in its mazes), the castle of William the Conqueror or the famous Alnwick Castle, where the “Harry Potter” was shot.

palace of King Henry VIII on the Thames

Kids will certainly be delighted with Pollock’s Toy Museum with an exhibition of teddy bears, dolls and toy theaters. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the Sherlock Holmes Museum will charm not only children, but also their parents. However, this applies not only to museums.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Trip to this wonderful country will not leave anyone cold. No doubt, you will want to return here again and again. If you do not believe it, check it out for yourself.

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