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Мountain family holidays

The mountains are a great place to relax during the summer holidays. From here you can see the picturesque landscapes, the impressions of which you share with your family. Holidays in the mountains can be safe and enjoyable, especially if the mountains are located in resort towns or in a warm state. Your children will tell about the holidays with family with inspiration.

Where you can visit picturesque mountains

Great Smoky Mountains. The most visited national park of the States with the most romantic name and the longest hiking trail in the world is perhaps worth a visit. We are talking, of course, about the Great Smoky Mountains that are located in the east of the country and divided equally by two states – Tennessee and North Carolina. Each year, this place is visited by about 9.5 million tourists, agree, an impressive figure.

a view of Great Smoky Mountains

By the way, to such an extent does not even reach the advertised Grand Canyon. Many are attracted not so much by the flora and fauna of the amazingly picturesque mountains, as well as by the number of attractions associated with the Indians and the first settlers, which will be the cognitive historical part of the smoky mountain family vacation trip.

a road through smoky mountain

Olympic Riviera, Greece. 70 kilometers is just such a stretch of the gorgeous Greek beaches of the Aegean coast at the foot of the legendary Mount Olympus. What is there? There are resorts, ideal for family mountain vacations, secluded beaches, which will be comfortable for fans of a relaxing holiday (Panteleimonas, Nei Pori, Kokkino Nero).

Olympic Riviera in Greece

If you belong to lovers of outdoor activities and mountain hikes, we recommend to make a small (or full) ascent to the summit of Olympus. The most popular tourist route to the summit of Olympus begins in Litohoro. Professional climbing skills are not required, but the route will be long and require good endurance and minimal equipment (at least you will need good reliable shoes). Less experienced in conquering mountain peaks, tourists can go for a walk along the ravine of Enipea or to the ruins of the monastery of Dionysius.

ruins of the monastery of Dionysius

Bergen, Norway. We say “fjords”, but we mean Norway. Eaten by the sea coast of Norway from year to year attracts crowds of tourists who are absolutely not confused by the relatively high prices for recreation here, nor the coolness of the weather. Bergen, located at the foot of the mountains, at the junction of the North and Norwegian Seas, is proudly called the gates to the fjords.

Bergen in Norway

If you decide to go on vacation in Bergen, be sure to start exploring this city with exciting high-rise panoramas. From the funicular connecting Bergen with the summit of Mount Fline, a very beautiful view opens up. From Bergen, you can swim by the sea to Flam. The route of the boat, by the way, passes through the Sognefjord, the longest Norwegian fjord, with a depth of 1208 meters and a length of about 203 kilometers. The views from the ship are exceptionally beautiful: rocks, waterfalls, steep mountains.

Sognefjord in Bergen

Timberline Lodge, Oregon. Do you want to ski on a volcano, and even in summer? Then this resort is for you. It is located near Portland, on the stratoukalkan Mount Hood – the highest mountain of the state, covered with several glaciers. Thanks to them and heavy snowfalls, you can ski and snowboard at any time of the year. This snow kingdom is the only place in North America where the ski season never ends. In summer mode, the resort operates from May to September, but the best time for visiting it during this period is June-July.

The Timberline Lodge is the main local point of interest. It is not only a beautiful building and a national historical monument, but also that sinister hotel “Overluck” from Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” film, based on the novel by Stephen King. And although it was here, according to the film, the rest of Jack Nicholson turned into a nightmare, tourists do not scare away, but on the contrary, attracts – over a year the hotel stops more than 2 million guests.

Timberline Lodge in Oregon

Tenerife, Spain. Tenerife — the most interesting and popular among all the Canary Islands. Here you will find such a variety of landscapes that the island can safely be called a full-scale miniature of the whole continent.

Tourists come to Tenerife, mostly overseas, beaches and serene felting under lacy shadows from palm leaves, but the island can also boast of spectacular mountains. The highest peak that can often be seen on postcards is the Teide volcano (3,718 meters above sea level), which is the highest mountain in Spain. Teide National Park, to which this volcano belongs, magnificent pine forests and amazing rock groups, is the main natural and landscape landmark of the island.

The coast of Tenerife is mostly rocky, but there are also beautiful sandy beaches, located mainly on the south coast of the island. These beaches are interesting for their colorful colors — here you will see sand of yellow, gray, red-black and brown colors.

Tenerife in Spain

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada: the Snow Capital of the World. One of the most beautiful and prestigious ski resorts in the world and another direction you should visit for best family mountain vacations. Thanks to the eternal glaciers the northernmost part of it is suitable for skiing even in summer. Slopes and snow parks are perfectly maintained, luxurious century-old fir trees are covered with fluffy snow on the top of the head. It is not for nothing that Whistler is called the snow capital of the world – the height of the snow cover here reaches 9 meters.

Here you can start the morning by rolling on mountain bikes, and then head to the Horstman Glacier to go skiing or snowboarding. The lift ride takes 45 minutes, and all this time you will enjoy the fantastic views of the Whistler Valley. And having reached the top (almost 2286 meters), you are guaranteed to get a splash of adrenaline on this rather difficult terrain.

Whistler Blackcomb in Canada

The resort itself is located near Vancouver, in the Rocky Mountains. One only road through the mountain serpentine to the destination – this is in itself an adventure. The path runs along the breathtaking 99th highway, which is also called “the highway from the sea to the sky.”

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